Thursday, May 29, 2008


We all pretty much knew this day was bound to come, but let me officially announce here on that I am famous. Well, both Christina and I are famous, but we know which star shown brighter.


I made my Top Chef debut last night thanks to the kindness and generosity that my truly famous friend Tina showed upon me back in the fall. We were lucky enough to participate in a taping of the show due to her extra famous connections and it aired last night. The part that was funny (maybe only to me?) is that I hadn't really told any of my friends so they were a bit surprised to see my face show up for the split second that it did, doing a terrifically fake cheers with the other guests at the table. In case you missed it, let me show you. I just happen to have some screen captures.

There we are. "Cheers!"

Here is Christina, rockin' her bob before Katie Holmes even thought it a possibility.

And, this is no different than the other shot.. just closer up.

So! I'm obviously on my way to culinary stardom and I would like to thank all the people who have helped to get me to this place.

In other less famous news, I feel simply exhausted today. Prior to being on television I was in one of my final classes before the summer and it was tiresome. I will be glad when I have completed my presentation, written my paper, and can just chill for a couple of months.

I declare this a summer of leisure and workin' for the benjamins. I'm going to try to marry those two ideas and see if I can figure that out.

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Let me know how that goes.