Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Annnnnd he's back.

Oh, ladies and gentleman I am back and my eyes are about to fall shut because I am so very tired. I have been working hard today to catch up with the little things I missed while being gone yesterday and now I have hit an afternoon lull where sleep calls me.

But I resist!

I had a wonderful weekend in the Big City and I feel equally tired and rejuvenated. I believe it makes me have better energy for my own city when I get a weekend in NY and this trip was no exception. Milan was a kind host and the city was alive with spring and my willingness to consume. Literally. I was such a consumer, it was quite ridiculous.

Upon my arrival on Saturday we spent a little time getting settled, then may our way into the city to traverse SoHo. I purchased jeans like I've never purchased before and although I know their price was/is somewhat ridiculous, I can say I don't regret them for a second. Friday evening was homemade dinner and me watching people play video games that I just don't understand. (I think I missed the video game gene)

Sunday, Paul and I explored the Whitney Biennial and the Mapplethorpe Polaroid exhibit. This turned out to be quite an undertaking as the Biennial is video intensive and required quite sometime... and although I found some of the concepts behind the conceptual art a bit tiresome, it was enjoyable overall. We then attempted to get a bite to eat by the Whitney, stopped into a deli, sat down, saw a $22 grilled cheese sandwich on the menu, and left. Ha! That cheese bettah be sent from heaven for $22... or I better be able to wear it and show it to all my friends.

After some more wandering and chatting we met up with Paul's friend Tim, had dinner got splashed by a car driving through a puddle (frealz!) and then made our way (wet, mind you) to a magazine release party. Afterwards we made our way to a birthday party and then called it a night.

Monday was a bit more low key. Paul and I did some picture taking and then Milan and I did some last minute shopping (must. spend. all. money.) and Milan showed me his fancy life style of working in chic loft spaces.

Grabbed a falafel sandwich, packed the ridiculous amount of things I bought into my bags and headed to the airport.

Now, I'm back.
Back to life.
Back to reality.
Filing cabinets sitting behind me.
Getting ready to make my way to the gym.
And I have that thing where I get a scratchy throat after flying? I hate that.

Soaked from our dirty puddle splash.


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