Saturday, January 31, 2009


I can watch netflix online now, like all you crazy PC users have been able to. Well, color me red and stick me in the mail. I think my netflix membership is even more worth it, now.

Last night Ryan and I made some sort of weird Asian concoction in the wok I own that was a gift and that I don't really know how to use. The food was good, but the cleanup was not. Today I've
cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, possibly in an effort to avoid writing the paper I should be writing. I'm now spending some time with Garrison Keillor and anticipating having a delicious dinner at Mana with Charlie. Then possibly, The Wrestler?

I hope your weekends are going just as well.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Many Wagons

...and Friday is upon us.

"Already?" I say!

Yesterday, the Governor of Illinois was impeached and the state expressed a collected "phew!" Actually, I imagine the whole country felt that maybe now the lego man would shut up. I mean, he's for real all sorts of redonk. This whole media blitz in the midst of his impeachment trial can only be over redonked by the fact that the mayor of Chicago moved the head of our public transportation system to the head of Chicago Public Schools. I can't quite piece it together in my head as it seems so nonsensical and counterintuitive that I just resign myself to hope that "all things work together for good."

Honestly, in light of my city/state seeming in dissaray I've been spending the week trying to get myself on some sort of track. Pardon me, if I repeat myself (sometimes I can't recall what I've blogged) but this week I've been making a strong attempt to abstain from certain things that aren't healthy in nature as to break the habits they have caused. The most notable may be sugar. I'm not eliminating sugar entirely from my diet, but this week I haven't had a single dessert, but only a few pieces of dark chocolate after lunch. People are giving me a hard time about it, but I have to tell you that I've just been feeling a lot lighter and better through out this week. I even have removed sugar from my coffee and replaced it with plain soy milk. I also have spent some consistent time doing hard workouts and just generally approaching my days from a more physically and mentally place of health. It feels good! If you know me, or follow this blog in any way shape or form, you know that I'm constantly on some sort of quest to get better at life in a lot different ways and some of my attempts are sillier than others... but I do feel that at the age of 27, I'm better at maintaining these sort of resolutions than I ever have been. This is not to say I will not fall off one of my many wagons, but I dunno... in general, I feel good about the way I'm doing things right now, holistically.

Today all is quiet in the office as many are off to a conference. I plan to get more work done today than usual, as I am most productive when not interrupted by others. So, I have Jeff Buckley playing and my list ready.

With regards to this weekend, I am going to try and buckle down with school work. I'm also itching to see The Wrestler before the Oscars. Then I will feel I've done a sufficient job of keeping up this year.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, the presentation was a success... I think.
My thought is that the injection of Beyonce videos really added the necessary flava to bring my point home. Or at least the class was given a necessary break in the midst of my boring ness.

Honestly, I'm this whole class has me rethinking my recent plans to forego this degree and move on to the next thing... there is a why not factor in all of this that I'm really struggling with. I find the hardest thing about my twenties is that lack of clarity in decision making and I fear that it wont be until later that I can see some of these things clearly... and then the time will have past. This pressure is always weighing on me.

My latest mantra is to take full advantage of now in preparation for the future. This is why I'm trying to force myself to the gym and the dentist and the chiropractor and saving money and and and... now is the time to do these things and maybe now is the time to finish this masters degree? maybe not?

I have to tell you, I love our President. I love that every day I log onto the nytimes to find out he has made some other sweeping move. Or, sometimes things not so sweeping, but just so far from that which we've seen for the last eight years that I can't help but drop my jaw. Giving his first interview to Arab television seems such a simple idea that is such a positive move for our country and the best part is that I know there are people it makes nervous. I love that. It is bold and focused and continues to make me proud. Also these matters of car makers and emissions... I mean, gimme a break. These laws should have been past years ago and although some call this kicking the auto industry when it is down, I say it makes sense to rebuild in the best way they can.

I'm pretty excited because I just got some books in the mail that I had ordered quite some time ago. One is a book Mary has been excited about called "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink and then also got another Anne Lamott book which I'm sure will be a wonderful read. Anne and I go way back. I attribute her with my ability to think more critically on issues of faith. She is a terrific writer.

Ok! Off I go.

Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been thinking all weekend about doing a tribute of sorts to my parents and their fifty years of commitment to one another, but I haven't been able to make it happen. This may be because I'm not quite sure how to articulate how incredible I think it is and how much I don't really understand it as a possibility. I think especially at the age of 27, I don't know much about commitment yet and may even generally be one who fears it, so that makes it all the more ... maybe ... magical that they've been able to pull it off.

I guess, selfishly, I am just generally thankful that I have them and more so that I have both of them.

This weekend was low key as I decided it best to actually dig into being a student and spend ample time on a presentation I will be giving today. In the end it all felt really amazing actually. I'm stoked to present on this topic and I feel like I've done a good job in organizing the data so that people will get something out of it.

I'm off to do that now, so until later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fifty Years

Today is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I have much to say about this, but I need a little more time to put it together. This is a capture from our skype conversation about the activities of the day celebrating their 50th year together.

It's pretty amazing, huh?

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm feeling particularly out of sorts today and I can't quite pinpoint why. It might just be late January blahs, which worries me because the February blahs can only be worse. But, I do my best to remain optimistic as today the sun is shining and truly I don't have much to complain about.

The thing about me is that when I get this way, I start cleaning and making lists. This is how I how I cope because then I at least feel like I am working toward something productive... which I've come more and more to realize that productivity is where I find value. Even in simple productivity, but the notion that at the end of the day I can say I accomplished "xyz," well that is big to me.

So, yesterday I took the time to clean the office, wiping down the desks and tossing any extra papers lying around. This morning I have made a list of both work and personal tasks that I want to accomplish. I plan to cross most out before the day is done.

Also, I got this camera in the mail yesterday:

Which, I'm pretty excited about. I used to have one similar, but it got sand in the lens and wont seem to return to normal. It seems as though most of my cameras are broken and my picture taken has come nearly to a halt, so I thought it was necessary to at least get a point and shoot that will sit in my pocket and be ready for the moment when inspiration hits. I'll just keep waiting.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, we can...

...make blueberry muffins.

No, I kid, but these are the muffins I made in honor of Barack Obama. I don't really "make muffins" so this seemed like a special feat.

I also dressed up for the event.

and! My coworkers and I managed to wrangle excessive amounts of food and stream the whole inaugural event on our computers causing a great echo throughout the halls of the music school. It was a pretty incredible morning.

I don't have much to add the clatter that is the coverage of our new president's inauguration. I can say that I feel proud to be a part of this point in history and I've examined that pride, inquiring if it is stirred by hype or manufactured in anyway but as far as I can tell it is thoroughly mine and absolutely genuine. I couldn't help but doubt the likelihood of this possibility, but I am so incredibly thrilled to see this side of the event. It is true, it is real, it is not just rhetoric, it is a reality and I'm proud of it.

So, all I can say is I'm thankful for a day like today and what a day it is.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Frrrrooommmm Scratch!

I woke to this morning to a terribly cold apartment and this seemed to set the tone for my day thus far. In the past my apartment has been a place of excess heat, but it seems this winter my landlady has decided to play it on the cool side, which is terribly frustrating given that this winter is colder than the previous. So, this morning I found myself running immediately to the shower in an effort to get warm, with a quick detour to the coffee maker. I don't know. After that I ended up waiting longer than I would have liked at the bus stop with silly cold toes and then off to work where I sat in a meeting that took place in the coldest of rooms in our building. Now I am here in my well heated office, but I have a headache that I think can mostly be attributed to just being cold for a bit too long.

That being said, I generally feel like I have a lot to say. I mean, I went to a cat circus! this weekend. The reason for this attendance is because Jessica thought it would be an entertaining gift for Christmas and that it was indeed. All of us in attendance agreed that it met our expectations... being just enough weird and cute yet simultaneously self deprecating. Here are a few snaps from the iPhone.

I don't quite even know how to articulate the experience. We did some pre cat circus dinner at Irazu (which btw, the folks sitting next to us were totally in the audience of the cat circus) and then some post cat circus drinks at the Charleston. There are a number of details that I would do better to share in person.

Saturday was school work, and house work, and a nice early dinner at Lula with Ryan as well as some drinks at Quenchers. It was good to trapse in the snow to old haunts.

Last night I took thirty minutes to watch The United States of Tara, which I've been waiting for the right time to do. Toni Collette is an amazing actress. This show is pretty incredible, with its main character having multiple personality disorder. I don't have Showtime, so I don't know how I will watch it regularly, but I will do my best because I found myself thoroughly entertained.

Finally, last night I spent some time taking in the inaugaration festivities as they were made available on TV. I can't help but be emotional about the whole thing. I'm looking forward to tomorrow at work. We will all be dressed up and celebrating it all with delicious homemade food. I personally will be bringing some blueberry muffins I made (frrrrommm scatch!) last night.

Which brings me to my final final point. Why does this University I work for have classes and its administrative offices open on MLK day. I mean, c'mon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Glutton For

Sorry, I was on the phone with my mother.

She was telling me how beautiful the snow was and the sun was shining and yada yada yada... and I'm thinking how she didn't have to wait for public transit therefore she is in much better place to gush over the beauty of sub-zero temps.

I'm gonna be honest.
This cold is totally redonk.
It is silly cold.
Painful to simply exit your home, let alone go to work in.
As I'm walking, I'm thinking, "Who even does anything in weather like this? I think the only appropriate behavior is to stay in bed."
My silliest admission would be that yesterday, while I waited far too long for the bus in the bone freezing chill I actually felt like crying. Not because I was sad or upset, but for some unknown reason that was undoubtedly spurred by the cold I felt as though I could cry. I didn't, which is a freakin' good thing because my face would have frozen along with tears... but the cold does weird things to you.


I gotta tell you that I think the midwesterner in me really enjoys a good cold snap like this. See, when you grow up here you get used to the four seasons and the extremes of them all. We like to bitch about how blistering hot it is in the midst of August and how unbelievably gorgeous it is in the midst of spring. Then winter rolls around and we kind of count get a kick out of how sever it will be. We stay inside, we wear layers, we drink warm drinks and we generally enjoy complaining about how it makes us "tired" and how we "can't wait for it to be over." So, I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a bit -o- pleasure in the severity of this all.

Most of all, I'm just thankful.
I mean, I have a warm house in the midst of this.
I have the $ to buy hot drinks.
I have good people around me to keep me company in the midst of needing to stay inside.
Also, this year doesn't seem to be affecting my mood as it has in the past. No special light necessary this year. Fingers crossed!

Tonight I will attending a cat circus. I'll let ya know how that goes...

Oh, come on!

More on this in a bit...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I got this:

I purchased a Neti Pot yesterday.

I've wanted one for a good year, maybe longer, but couldn't find one for a while and then kind of forgot about it. But, Mary mentioned that she has been using one regularly and after a few recent articles and notable tv appearances, I was reminded yesterday that I should go get one. During the day I ran over to CVS to see what I could come up with. I think what I purchased was an overpriced dumbed down version, but I think the concept is simple so the technicalities matter not.

I got this:

So, after a good workout at the gym (I've been managing to squeak out three days a week), a delicious homecooked meal (which will double as my lunch today) and an hour of watching the Biggest Loser (which I've decided totally brings out the inner fat kid in me), I got Mary on the phone to coach me through the clearing of my nasal passages.

I've actually seen people do this before so I knew the general concept, but I felt it best to not do it alone less I drown or something. She was a wonderful coach, explaining that I needed to breath through my mouth, tilt my head just right and let it flow. I searched for some pics and on the net to show what this ridiculous process looks like and there are many, but here is a slightly less vulgar version:

Overall, it just feels like water running through your nasal cavities and I don't think I had as much junk up there as some people do. I also didn't feel particularly different last night... if anything I felt a bit more stuffed, but this morning! I tell ya, I felt flippin' great! I was breathing so clearly and I just generally felt better when typically I wake up in the morning with the urge to hurry to the shower to simply clear my head.

Therefore, I give my overpriced Neti pot two thumbs up.

Here's to clearer nasal cavities.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

*eats salad*

Yesterday while waiting for class to begin, I tried to engage the girl next to me in conversation as she is in the same interdisciplinary program I am in and I thought I would just see how it is going for her. It went a bit something like this:

Me: "So, are you a full time student?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "So, when will you be done with the program?"
Her: "This June. I have really plowed through. I just wish I knew more certainly when certain classes were offered."
Me: "Well, have you taken any of the MPS [Master of Public Service] classes?" (My thought was that these classes seem to be offered as listed.)
Her: "No, I'm trying to stay away from public service."
Me: *silence* *takes bite of salad*
Her: "I want to make money."
Me: *keeps eating salad*

These sort of interactions confirm my suspicions about higher education. I guess the way in which I'm seeking a meaningful educational experience is contradictory to the way in which most are seeking a means to an end.

This concerns me.

Where's the blizzard?

Yesterday everyone was buzzing about the "blizzard!" I even got a warning from my sister in Michigan telling me to make sure to have my long underwear ready. So, during class last night I waited anxiously for the buckets of snow and the excess of wind that was to overtake this city, hopefully causing school closures and generally shutting things down... but this morning, none of it really seemed to have happened. I'm here at work. The sun is shining, and although we have a bit more snow everything seems relatively peaceful, with only the warning that the blizzard might come tomorrow. Ha! I would challenge the blizzard to actually show its face, but I think it dangerous to tempt nature.

I did find a little adventure this weekend with a trip out in the midst of more snow on Friday for a hoity toity drink at the Violet Hour. It's amazing to me how a place like that can change so quickly. The crowd, the vibe, the overall experience. It's not what it was just a few months ago and I guess that is just the way things go, but Ryan and I enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Saturday I saw Revolutionary Road which I thought to be a terribly hopeless movie, but I say that with understanding that hope is not necessarily the point. I just wonder what is supposed to really attract me to a movie like that, other than some slightly overzealous acting. I was engaged throughout, so I can't complain from that end, but I'm not sure is was best actress worthy. I also saw Benjamin Button on Sunday, and found myself surprisingly emotionally engaged. I had not much interest in seeing it, but with the award buzz and all I thought it best to commit the three hours it was going to take to get through it. I honestly was a mess by the end of the movie and I can't tell you why exactly... I guess it just makes ya think about time etc?

This really is some lovely sun bouncing off the snow and coming in my window. I think maybe I should run out and stand in it as we're supposed to get 15 minutes on our skin a day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The State of the State

Mary pointed me to the lead image on

I can't help but think this picture deserves a big 'ol LOL. This is the state of things in Illinois, isn't it?

I've had just the most hectic of days. It all began with a bit of a snow storm that made getting to work quite the adventure and then from one meeting to an ongoing line of traffic at my door. Other than a lovely lunch with my coworkers I've been swamped.

Tonight I'm looking for adventure.

I'll let you know how that turns out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The "R" Word

Dubbed by New York Magazine as the word to drop at a party this holiday season when in doubt of what to say, there is no doubt that recession is on the tip of everyone's collective tongue. I would argue that it is only to be challenged by the word economy which has similarly sad connotations at the moment. Christina mentioned that yesterday as she walked through Wicker Park she couldn't help but notice that the economy seems to be taking its toll on the typically bustling neighborhood. Each store with a sale sign in its window and many of the shelves stocked less fully than just a small number of months ago.

I want to start by saying that what bothers me the most are those who I know that have lost jobs. I think that must be a terrible place to be, as displayed in the semi desperate email request I received yesterday from a past acquaintance inquiring if anyone knew anything about any possibilities. In the past I would have past her email along to friends with just a general shotout, but the problem is that I know others who are in the same position who are closer to me who I would like to help out first and even more problematic is that I don't know of any options for help. I haven't heard of a single person hiring for anything and I don't imagine that is going to change in the not so distant future.

Which brings me to the thought that unemployment is typically a bigger deal than just general income, it results in lack of health insurance. This in my mind, should not be a possibility. One friend who is unemployed has been using Cobra only to see the cost exceed $400 for the month. So overall, I feel most frustrated by this part of the "R" word. People are struggling, and aside from no income they are not able to take care of their health properly.

I heard a report on NPR the other day where a gentleman was outlining the gloom and doom of the "financial meltdown" only to have the reporter ask at the end if he could provide some sort of silver lining with regards to the situation. The analyst said "Well, even in times of recession, America is a wealthy country. For the most part, we will not truly struggle."

Now of course this doesn't speak to those who are truly poor to begin with in this country, but for the many like me, this rings true. Fiscal responsibility is something that I've been on a sort of quest for if not merely to alleviate stress in my life. Financial stress is something I am fortunate enough to be able to control, so I'm working to do that and I have to think that the looming "R" word is cause many of us to think twice before we spend and I can't imagine this to be a bad thing. Spending less makes my spending more valuable, if that makes sense.

Speaking of recession, check this fancy profile of my friend Tina (who my iPhone switches to Tuna) who we call "The most famous unemployed person in Chicago." Let's hope this lead to something big for her!

And two quick thoughts about this:

I realize he is probably much shorter than he was at one point in his life, but I had no idea Jimmy Carter was so short! Also, I imagine the conversation about what shade of red or blue tie each Prez would wear would be quite a humorous one to hear. If Barack is really for change, I encourage him to step out in a purple tie. Do it, Mr. Prez. I dare you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roland, Roland, Roland

I don't know whether to feel sad for or embarrassed by Roland Burris attempt to take the seat as Illinois Jr. Senator yesterday, only to be turned away at the door. I mean, I just can't help but think "What kind of fool puts himself in this situation?" and to what end? Certainly being appointed Senator by an Illinois Governor embroiled a scandal that almost even scandalizes Illinois politicians would come tainted. So, why go there? Why show up at the door when you know you'll be turned away? To what end?

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that Roland Burris will in fact get Barack Obama's senate seat. Dude, the political realm is a weird one. Well, right on Roland. Apparently you knew better than we did.

UPDATE2: Apparently there is no truth behind the AP Report. This is why I don't cover politics for a living. *hangs head*

I'm loving how on Facebook there are all sorts of New Years Eve pictures that keep popping up. None of them mine, mind you, but just in general I have been able to take a glimpse into the way in which many of my friends rang in the new year. What is amusing is that it just keeps coming. Today is January 7 and people keep uploading pictures and so every day is a little treat of voyeurism.

I made it to the gym last night only to find it crowded by the new years resolution crew and although I have absolutely been there and done that, I can't help but sneer at each and every one who is taking up a machine I might use or floor space I might want to crunch on. The only consolation is that they will all be gone within a few weeks.

Honestly, I'm really struggling to get my butt back into gear this week. I can't help but wish I still had the freedom of vacation.

So, finally, I received notice that this nice woman was going to post about me on her blog. Check it out if you have a chance:

Grayson: a different shade of grey

All her words are very kind, but the truth of the matter is it actually just makes me more frustrated with myself for not taking pictures lately. I need to get to the bottom of that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know this is weird

I think I may have blogged this before, but for some reason when I sit at my desk at work I find myself not breathing. I will be holding my breath for who knows how long and then suddenly realize what I'm doing only to take a quick gasp.

Today I'm attempting to breathe more deeply. I think it will be better for all of us if I do.

I'm also trying to drink more water because I'm entering that point in the winter months where I desire to consume nothing but coffee and then feel like a saltine cracker as a result.

My class last night was just OK.
I did have a lot I was going to say about it and about my expectations of education in general, but I've decided I'm going to wait another week or two before I totally tear into "What is it that I want?" rant. I'm pretty sure some of the remedial discussions we embarked upon last night are not it... but I will be purposeful and wait and see.

I'm currently on hold with the dentist's office. See, January is the time of year when my insurance flips over and I am able to embark upon another (of many) dental journey. This is not only good news for me and my teeth, but for you too. If there is one thing that has proved slightly horrific and possibly entertaining it would be the saga that is my teeth and I plan to continue to get them all fixed up until every last cavity is filled and of my allotted insurance money is spent. I do think I must be close at this point. You would think I'm a Brit, no?

I'm off to the gym in just over an hour.

I think January and February are the worst of months. I think this blog post is evidence of that.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How can you watch this?

Recently I've become obsessed with On The Road Again - Spain. Linsey mentioned the show to me previously, but while I was in Michigan I caught an episode on PBS and immediately did a little search online to see if I could download the episodes. I did just that and have watched each and every episode thoroughly, since. The premise is simple, with Mario Batali, Mark Bitner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Claudia Bassolls embarking upon a terribly indulgent rich person road trip throughout Spain. They stop in different towns and cities exploring the history and sampling the local cuisine. It is mostly unscripted and dips back and forth between Spanish and English.

For some reason the fantasy of it all has completely sucked me in. I actually think it takes me back to how I felt when I was watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona earlier this year... but more on that later.

The truth of the matter is that I've had some time to kill, so the escape of watching other people enjoy the treasures of Spain, whilst I deal with the cold winter of Chicago seemed like an ok thing. I mean, beautiful country side, interesting people, delicious food... all of it.

The funny part is that I keep singing the praises of this show, to pretty much anyone who will listen and today I received another of the same responses that I keep getting. It goes something like this: "I tried to watch and episode and I was so annoyed by their conversations that I had to change the channel." or "I watched and bit and wondered how you could stand to watch it." Not a single person has told me that they enjoyed it or even thought it was entertaining which is a bit disconcerting and makes me wonder what is different for me?

I saw The Reader yesterday. I wasn't quite prepared for the nature of the beginning of the movie, but as it went along and took a bit of a darker turn I found myself becoming much more engaged. It is actually growing in my mind as I sit with it for a bit. I think between The Reader and Doubt I believe I have seen two incredible acting performances by two amazingly fine actresses. If you haven't seen Doubt, keep and eye out for this woman as she nearly steals the show with just a few moments of acting.

Today is my first day back to work and will be my first day back to class as well. I'd be lying if I said I was excited about that in any way. My only highlight thus far was finding out that I don't need to purchase a text book for my course. Oh, and adding new events to my calendar to look forward to.

I have to start working on that list from my previous post...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Thousand and Nine

So I took a trip back in blog time to see if I had written any resolutions in January of 2008, but it turns out I didn't start this here blog until February, so alas, there is no history to depend upon.

I gotta be honest, 2009 freaks me out.

Jessica said on new years eve night as we sat by the front door of the Hideout "Can you believe next year we will be saying 2010?" and my only response to that is "nope, I can't believe it." It sounds like the freaking future and we are there and time keeps passing and the only consolation is that if I look back I can deduce that I'm typically doing a better job of things than I had done in the past.

In general, 2008 has been a good year. I feel like I have accomplished a number of things that I have wanted to (namely, getting out of debt, finding ways to cut my cost of living, running the 5k, bringing my lunch to work daily rather than going out to eat all the time, being more comfortable relaxing and enjoying doing nothing, generally getting a bit more comfortable in my skin) and remained stagnate with regards to a few things that I should have moved forward on (umm, remember when I worked out for about two months and then stopped?) But, overall I would be silly to complain.

I of course have some ideas of ways in which I would like to proceed with 2009.
-Now that I'm not paying money out to the man all the time I want to develop my savings. I actually have already begun to do this, but I want to be more vigilant about it.
-This was a previous resolution that I sort of succeeded with, but would like to do a better job of this year. I want to live on a tighter budget that involves me buying items of quality rather than things that are cheap. I'm a sucker for a sale of any sort, but this means my house fills up with things I don't care so much about and frankly don't need. I also have the habit of purging things regularly so that results in me just giving away all the things I buy. I want to buy better and buy less.
-Further to that point, I want to continue to cook more. I really have done a much better job of buying groceries and eating my own food more often, but I would like to learn to buy better groceries and make some quality dishes so I'm not doing the same thing all the time. I also think this would lead to having people over for meals more regularly. I also feel strongly about buying organic more often than I do. It is not the cost that prohibits me, but rather the laziness of not wanting to shop that often and the produce going bad.
-I have an idea for a blog/magazine that would involve interviewing people in my life. I keep thinking this is a good idea, but I never follow through with it. I want to get my butt in gear and do that. To this point, I also have an idea for a series of articles that I would like to write and I simply need to sit down and do that.
-Pursuing more voice students is something I always mean to do. I really love teaching and I think it is something I have a knack for. I know the students who I have taught thus far have been complimentary, so I want to reach out more and actually get a solid base of students... rather than just teaching here and there.
-This gets a bit loftier, but I am feeling strongly that I need to keep working on a life plan. Point myself in a direction. Don't let time just pass me by. Be in the moment. Be engaged. Be real. Be involved. Be honest. These are qualities I want badly to posses.
-Finally, I want to do a better job of staying in communication with dear friends. I have totally fallen off the wagon with this one and it can simply be linked to my laziness, so if you are someone whom I have not written, called, seen. I apologize. I think this is a really unfortunate rut I have fallen into and I plan to fix it.

I almost forgot.
I need a new camera and a new bike in 2009 as well.

Writing this out is really for my benefit more than yours. I mean, I would be grateful if you held me to some of these resolutions, but I believe resolutions are a bit silly other than the fact that it is important to regularly throw out into the universe goals that you have for yourself. If you keep them entirely to yourself, I would argue that they don't necessarily exist. So, there they are. I think they are realistic and I think I can make it to 2010 and have made headway on most of them.

I'm off for now. I will share a few pictures from my time at home, but I just opened my work email for the first time in two weeks and nearly had a heart attack due to the amount of email that sits waiting for me. Monday is reality, I'm afraid.