Monday, January 19, 2009

Frrrrooommmm Scratch!

I woke to this morning to a terribly cold apartment and this seemed to set the tone for my day thus far. In the past my apartment has been a place of excess heat, but it seems this winter my landlady has decided to play it on the cool side, which is terribly frustrating given that this winter is colder than the previous. So, this morning I found myself running immediately to the shower in an effort to get warm, with a quick detour to the coffee maker. I don't know. After that I ended up waiting longer than I would have liked at the bus stop with silly cold toes and then off to work where I sat in a meeting that took place in the coldest of rooms in our building. Now I am here in my well heated office, but I have a headache that I think can mostly be attributed to just being cold for a bit too long.

That being said, I generally feel like I have a lot to say. I mean, I went to a cat circus! this weekend. The reason for this attendance is because Jessica thought it would be an entertaining gift for Christmas and that it was indeed. All of us in attendance agreed that it met our expectations... being just enough weird and cute yet simultaneously self deprecating. Here are a few snaps from the iPhone.

I don't quite even know how to articulate the experience. We did some pre cat circus dinner at Irazu (which btw, the folks sitting next to us were totally in the audience of the cat circus) and then some post cat circus drinks at the Charleston. There are a number of details that I would do better to share in person.

Saturday was school work, and house work, and a nice early dinner at Lula with Ryan as well as some drinks at Quenchers. It was good to trapse in the snow to old haunts.

Last night I took thirty minutes to watch The United States of Tara, which I've been waiting for the right time to do. Toni Collette is an amazing actress. This show is pretty incredible, with its main character having multiple personality disorder. I don't have Showtime, so I don't know how I will watch it regularly, but I will do my best because I found myself thoroughly entertained.

Finally, last night I spent some time taking in the inaugaration festivities as they were made available on TV. I can't help but be emotional about the whole thing. I'm looking forward to tomorrow at work. We will all be dressed up and celebrating it all with delicious homemade food. I personally will be bringing some blueberry muffins I made (frrrrommm scatch!) last night.

Which brings me to my final final point. Why does this University I work for have classes and its administrative offices open on MLK day. I mean, c'mon.

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