Monday, January 26, 2009


I've been thinking all weekend about doing a tribute of sorts to my parents and their fifty years of commitment to one another, but I haven't been able to make it happen. This may be because I'm not quite sure how to articulate how incredible I think it is and how much I don't really understand it as a possibility. I think especially at the age of 27, I don't know much about commitment yet and may even generally be one who fears it, so that makes it all the more ... maybe ... magical that they've been able to pull it off.

I guess, selfishly, I am just generally thankful that I have them and more so that I have both of them.

This weekend was low key as I decided it best to actually dig into being a student and spend ample time on a presentation I will be giving today. In the end it all felt really amazing actually. I'm stoked to present on this topic and I feel like I've done a good job in organizing the data so that people will get something out of it.

I'm off to do that now, so until later.

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