Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I got this:

I purchased a Neti Pot yesterday.

I've wanted one for a good year, maybe longer, but couldn't find one for a while and then kind of forgot about it. But, Mary mentioned that she has been using one regularly and after a few recent articles and notable tv appearances, I was reminded yesterday that I should go get one. During the day I ran over to CVS to see what I could come up with. I think what I purchased was an overpriced dumbed down version, but I think the concept is simple so the technicalities matter not.

I got this:

So, after a good workout at the gym (I've been managing to squeak out three days a week), a delicious homecooked meal (which will double as my lunch today) and an hour of watching the Biggest Loser (which I've decided totally brings out the inner fat kid in me), I got Mary on the phone to coach me through the clearing of my nasal passages.

I've actually seen people do this before so I knew the general concept, but I felt it best to not do it alone less I drown or something. She was a wonderful coach, explaining that I needed to breath through my mouth, tilt my head just right and let it flow. I searched for some pics and on the net to show what this ridiculous process looks like and there are many, but here is a slightly less vulgar version:

Overall, it just feels like water running through your nasal cavities and I don't think I had as much junk up there as some people do. I also didn't feel particularly different last night... if anything I felt a bit more stuffed, but this morning! I tell ya, I felt flippin' great! I was breathing so clearly and I just generally felt better when typically I wake up in the morning with the urge to hurry to the shower to simply clear my head.

Therefore, I give my overpriced Neti pot two thumbs up.

Here's to clearer nasal cavities.


LFo said...

I've decided, after this post, that I need to get out my netti pot, that's still in its original box, and give it a try. I hope my sinuses will thank me (and you).

LFo said...

(and Mary)