Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know this is weird

I think I may have blogged this before, but for some reason when I sit at my desk at work I find myself not breathing. I will be holding my breath for who knows how long and then suddenly realize what I'm doing only to take a quick gasp.

Today I'm attempting to breathe more deeply. I think it will be better for all of us if I do.

I'm also trying to drink more water because I'm entering that point in the winter months where I desire to consume nothing but coffee and then feel like a saltine cracker as a result.

My class last night was just OK.
I did have a lot I was going to say about it and about my expectations of education in general, but I've decided I'm going to wait another week or two before I totally tear into "What is it that I want?" rant. I'm pretty sure some of the remedial discussions we embarked upon last night are not it... but I will be purposeful and wait and see.

I'm currently on hold with the dentist's office. See, January is the time of year when my insurance flips over and I am able to embark upon another (of many) dental journey. This is not only good news for me and my teeth, but for you too. If there is one thing that has proved slightly horrific and possibly entertaining it would be the saga that is my teeth and I plan to continue to get them all fixed up until every last cavity is filled and of my allotted insurance money is spent. I do think I must be close at this point. You would think I'm a Brit, no?

I'm off to the gym in just over an hour.

I think January and February are the worst of months. I think this blog post is evidence of that.

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