Monday, September 29, 2008

Post it on your blog. I'll get to it later.

I said to Robin, "Did you see Tina Fey on Saturday doing her impression of Sarah Palin again?" and her response to me was "No! Post it on your blog and I'll get to it later. The Letterman clips were great!"

I told her "I'm just a blog to you!"

So, I'm sure most of you have seen Tina Fey acting as Sarah Palin again this Saturday. It brought the major LOLZ as I sat by myself and watched it twice. I thought I would share with you, even though I'm sure you've already seen but it is especially funny/terrifying if you watch it next to the actual Katie Couric interview as some of the dialogue is directly from reality.

I'm telling you... this makes me feel bad for her, which shouldn't be the case.

I have a few more quick political observations, then on to life stuff.

My Father and I watched the debate (all 90 minutes of foreign policy) and discussed afterwards how we were so impressed with both candidates and their general knowledge. I can't really fathom the ability to be able to call up those names from memory, let alone figures and numbers. I thought both were well equipped to have a legitimate debate which we simply haven't seen in umm 12 years? It also made me realize that we were are not simply deciding this election based on qualifications but idealogical differences. These men believe two completely different things with regards to many issues and you really have to listen to their messages and decide which resonates with you.

Also, it was especially interesting to spend time in Michigan this weekend because it is a battle ground state. As you drive down the country roads you see both Obama and McCain signs in neighbors yards and I guess there is a naive part of me that assumes rural areas will just be voting conservatively, but the signs displayed prominately led me to believe that it truly could go either way in states like Michigan.

Finally, my mother explained to me that she was yet undecided which, pretty much blew my mind. I loved hearing that come out of her mouth.

I had a wonderful time in Michigan. I spent time on the beach with my parents, I rode a moped around South Haven, I shopped at junk stores and I ate fudge. My mother and I consumed a half a pound of fudge in one day actually. She is a terrible influence on me. Saturday we made our way back to the hometown (Otsego, MI) and went to the "Creative Arts Festival" where my father rode his big wheel bicycle in the parade. To my eye, the "Creative Arts Festival" was little more than a car show... with hot rods lining the streets... but I guess that is an art I don't know much about. It made for entertaining people watching to say the least. In the evening we made our way over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to attend a "block party" which is a humorous party type in a rural area. Their block includes about a five mile radius, but I ate a lot of good food and endured all our old neighbors telling me how they remembered me when I was much smaller. I was also told that maybe I'm not listening to the calling that I'm supposed to be a pastor. That was a highlight. This came from a gentleman who would regularly sneak away to his RV to take a swig of whiskey.

Yesterday I was back in the city, singing in the AM and then joining my brother and his wife for brunch as they were in town celebrating her birthday. In the afternoon I caught Man on Wire with Tim, which I heartily recommend. The French are so entertaining and this gentleman who is the tight rope walker is the Frenchest of the French. The movie was followed by dinner at Ping Pong and then a cold bike ride home.

Today is rainy and grey and I'm ok with that because the weather this weekend was too beautiful to be stuck inside today working with anything similar.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got down to the train station in plenty of time, so after picking up my tickets I thought I would run out to Starbucks to grab an iced soy latte and one of those egg salad sandwiches which they carry. I think they are not so bad.

I headed out the door of the train station looking for the nearest "bucks" thinking too myself that there is definitely one near by because they are on every corner (without exaggeration). I head two blocks north and of course find one. I walk in, order my latte and then spot no egg salad sandwiches, so I ask if they have one because I know from past experience that sometimes they keep them in the back.

"Do you have any of those egg salad sandwiches?" I ask.
She responds "No, we don't carry sandwiches, but they may have them at that Starbucks." and she points across the street.
I laughed and said to the girl, "We live absurd lives... and the worst part is I am too lazy to walk over there and get one."
Her response?

I spent entirety of my ride reading the new Interview magazine. I love the revamped mag. It is better than ever now.

I'm now here in Michigan, just a block from the lake. I managed to forget my phone charger, toothbrush, contact case and solution, not to mention my glasses. What was going on this morning that I left ALL of this stuff behind?

I've managed to find a flicker of wireless here in the upstairs bedroom, so maybe I'll just take this all as a sign that I am supposed to be disconnected for the next two days, which bad breath and dry eyes. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a poor excuse to go to Walmart.

Oh, it is so tempting

It takes everything in me to not just post one political youtube video after another, but I wont subject you to that. I've probably lost you already with my political obnoxiousness, but I just feel so amazed at our political system and the possibilities that exist.

I can tell you that if you have a moment you, check our Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin:

The truth of the matter is, I don't blame Sarah Palin for her inability to answer questions. She was thrust into this position without much time for preparation, but I do blame her for accepting this position. It seems to me that the mark of a true leader is knowing you limitations. I won't say anymore on that because I believe she speaks for herself.

Before I quit completely, I will also recommend that you take a look at this David Letterman clip.
In short, John McCain was supposed to show up to Letterman but he bailed at the last minute, personally calling Letterman and saying he was immediately headed back to DC to deal with the financial crisis. Cut to a bit later in the episode where Letterman airs a live feed of John McCain sitting with Katie Couric getting prepped for an interview... It is narrated as only David Letterman could.

I am headed to Michigan this evening to spend some time in South Haven with the parents and get some R&R. I am anxious to get out of the city and be by the water for a bit while it is still warm outside. We're nearing the end, my friends.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, you go Campbell Brown!

On Sympathy

I'm still in a lot of pain today. I don't know what the deal is. I even spent time last night simply laying low and trying to not stress things out, but yes my neck is still immobile.

Yesterday it turned out one of my coworkers was in pretty much the exact same position, with a stiff neck attributed to ??? As we were discussing this at lunch I was thinking how difficult it is to be sympathetic to pain when you're not feeling it. I can obviously sympathize with her as we are both struggling with something similar, but there is a part of me that was thinking that my pain is probably worse... which is ridiculous, right? She could be on the verge of tears and I could simply be uncomfortable. But, for instance, my mother has a disease called Fibromyalgia which is essentially a constant inflammation of the muscles. This causes her to be in pain pretty much at all times. I think it is so difficult to be sensitive to this and understand the ways in which pain undermines your mood. Like right now, I don't want to talk to anyone because I am in pain... I bet she feels that way all the time. It reminds me of how every time I get sick I remember how much it sucks to be sick and then I remember that some people are sick all the time and that must absolutely blow.

Anyway, I'm just reminding myself that it is a good idea to be sympathetic toward people rather than hard nosed on the issue which I can often be.

I caught an episode of The Hills last night. I haven't watched it this season, but I was reminded what I've been missing. (Upon LC's return from Italia) “You know how when you walk by a construction site? And all the guys, like, whistle at you? Italy’s kind of like a construction site.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Way!

Mary just pointed out this small piece of amazingness to me.

Click this link:

Mmm. Hmm. Oh. Yea.

Mary's response: "I'm telling you man. Watch out."

I just keep hearing

I have a terrible pain in my neck.
This happens to me every once in a while and I simply cannot turn my head. I would prefer to just be at home right now and not turning my head toward the television, but I just have to soldier through.

You know the thing that the worries me most about this "financial crisis" currently taking place here in America is the ways in which I don't feel it now and wonder how I'll feel it in the future.

It's like gas, for instance, I don't feel it directly because I don't drive a car but I do feel it in that when I go to the grocery store now it often costs me $100 which is much more than it used to cost me.

I just keep hearing about it on the radio each morning and it hit me this morning that I may very well feel this quite severely in the future.

It's amazing how all of my friends are out of town right now.
Seriously, almost everyone.
I have keys to two different cars that are not mine and I thought that I should come up with something to go do or get or something... but I can think of nothing. I guess what one typically does when one has access to a car is go to suburbs (read: Ikea), but that's not in my area of need right now.

Time to eat fake chicken.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Laugh your abs away

I find this workout horrifying but at the same time something I can totally get behind!

You should see me now

I have coffee spilled down the entire side of my shirt and so I ran to th bathroom to soak it with cold water and now I'm simply wet. But I mean, this is just a standard Monday. I would say most pieces of clothing I own have a coffee stain somewhere.

This was a gorgeous weekend. Indian Summer style, maybe? I suppose it is too early to be an Indian Summer, but it was mid 70's to 80's with beautiful sunny skies and light breeze. I don't think one could ask for more during mid September. It was a weekend of leisure, for the most part. Friday I enjoyed some drinks with coworkers, did a little bit of cleaning at home and then watched Tina do her laundry while I took in some trashy television. Saturday was generally lazy until later in the afternoon when Ryan and I made our way over to the Hideout Block Party. Although I was less familiar with the lineup this year, I ended up having a really nice time (if not simply because Jessica was kind enough to give us the hookup with it all). My highlight of the weekend's music was this band called Monotonix from Israel. I have seen a show like this in a long time... which you can see a piece of it below.

The dude was literally sitting on top of his bass drum, being lifted above the crowd and continuing to play. He also lit his drumsticks and symbols on fire to start the show off. It was pretty amazing and I was in the perfect spot, standing atop a barricade to the side so I didn't have to be in the mix but could see it all. I also enjoyed Neko Case (as I always do) and I thought Ratatat put on a pretty amazing show with some sweet videos that accompanied each of their songs. I love how video is such a big part of so many band's show now. I'm into it.

That picture is just from my iPhone, which I find to be impressive, the quality, ya know. I took some film pictures but I don't have those back yet.

Sunday was more of the block party, a cookout, making omelettes. I dunno. Good stuff.

I finally got my free Obama button from, and it is pretty awesomely vintage appearing.

I'm displaying it proudly on my backpack.

That being said, I leave you with this quote.

"One reason I'm glad Sarah Palin is on the ticket: I'm a huge Deadliest Catch fan, and [the Palins] know them! I can't wait to meet them!" —Cindy McCain, appearing with husband John just now on The Rachael Ray Show.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet sweet fantasy baby

I did this really smart/dumb thing.

The back story is that it is a commitment of mine to get out of credit car debt by the end of this year. I think I can do it as I have paid a LOT off in just the past six months and it gets exciting... kind of like when you start to get in shape and you want to work out more because you see yourself getting closer to what you want. So anyway, I've become a bit obsessed with putting every extra bit of money toward my debt and I've made a lot of headway because of this obsession.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, while I rode my bike to work this morning I was fantasizing about the day when I could blog that I am CC debt free. It will be a sweet day and I'm excited for it.

BUT! This month I got a little over zealous, making a huge payment on my debt and well, leaving myself with not much else. So I am penny pinching in the name of making too large a payment on my debt.

You know it is funny because I talk quite openly about my debt and it seems to make some people uncomfortable. We were speaking of this at lunch not too long ago and it is a taboo topic amongst some as though I have acted irresponsibly by accruing debt in the first place and maybe that is somewhat the case but my debt is simply from a few years ago when life was less financially stable for me, so I don't necessarily regret my decisions but rather, I look forward to putting those decisions completely behind me.

Now if I could just actually work out AND be out of debt.

I'm glad for Friday. This weekend is the Hideout Block Party.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skylark Photobooth

Friday night, after our dance excursion, Tina and I spent some time in the photobooth.

We're pretty cute, eh?

I honestly can't speak much of what has been going on lately. I simply don't remember as my brain has been clouded with work, work and more work. Can someone make that stop? I know that on Tuesday night I taught a voice lesson and then rode up to Andersonville with Ryan to eat a delicious meal at Kopi and one of the more wonderful slices of carrot cake I have had in well... a life time? Yesterday evening I embarked on my second class, which I have to say that one of my favorite thing about grad school classes is the way the population changes from class one to class two. All the annoying people from class one? gone! They were replaced some new very interesting and enjoyable folks who signed up for the class late. Lucky me! After class I spent the rest of the evening with the ladies watching wednesday night television before they all go on their different trips.

In other news, I itch again. I have no idea what is going on and there really isn't a ways to google itching so maybe I need to go to the Dr.

Also, some moisture SOMEHOW got in behind my camera lens and I feel really bummed cause I can't get in their to clean it out and it doesn't seem to be going away.

These are the ways in which my life has ceased to remain interesting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

theLAZE recommends

One thing that I find very fascinating about my iPhone... well, one of many things... is that it is constantly changing. Regularly my computer is downloading updates that make small yet fun changes to my phone, all of which are improvements. I cannot claim this for any previous phone I have had and I find it quite delightful and exciting, thinking that although the hardware of my phone may get out of date, the software will not.

Likewise, I recently downloaded the new update for iTunes which contains the new "Genius" function which I immediately ignored because it claims to put playlists together on your behalf and frankly, I can do that myself. But on a whim the other night, I let the Genius do its thing. I chose a song and let it create a playlist around it. I didn't even listen till the playlist until last night when I was at the gym (yea, I actually made it back to the gym. *shock* *awe* *gasp*) and I gotta tell you, it was pretty awesome! I'm sure it is simple to program, I mean it just grabs all the tags to your songs and then compares them, but I was definitely into the idea that if I hear a song that puts me in the mood to let's say run (;)), and then I want to hear other running songs it will do it for me.

So, stamp of approval given by theLAZE.
Give it a try. I think you'll like it too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

mid day update!

"McCain Spokesperson Carly Fiorina lashed out at Tina Fey today on MNSBC, calling her portrayal of Sarah Palin both "disrespectful" and "sexist." Tina Fey, a strong supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign (she endorsed Clinton on SNL last season), is seen by no reasonable person as sexist."


Um, so the book is here? It came by UPS this morning.
How did it make its way from Singapore so quickly?
I am confused but not complaining.


Rain, rain, rain, rain, raiiiiiinnnn.

It rained all weekend.
Literally all weekend.
Yea, seriously, it started on Friday and then it just kept raining until Sunday afternoon. I've never seen anything like it... not such a consistent downpour for so long. It's a little bit of Hurricane Ike coming our way, but man! The suburbs are flooded and some neighborhoods have seen better days, but overall, all is ok. Thank god we're not in Texas. :/

Because of the weather I had a weekend of just mild events. Friday evening I enjoyed some drinks with coworkers after work and then made my way with Christina down to the south side to see this dance performance by this group called The Seldoms. It was pretty amazing. It took place in a warehouse and involved video projections and dance. I was glad to have made the trip.

Saturday was an absolutely lazy day, involving brunch with Ryan, Burn After Reading, which I loved even though everyone else seems to be lukewarm about it, and then a terribly failed attempt a cooking a vegetarian meal. I mean, it was a total failure. flop. blech. blah. plop.

Sunday, I did some singing and then made my way home (it was still pouring rain) to get myself together and finally run errands. Thanks to Linsey's generosity and car, I was able to donate some clothes to the salvation army (which have been sitting in my entry way for months now) and sell some others to the Crossroads. ($45!) The evening concluded with a lovely dinner at Mana and a stroll through the renegade craft fair. Oh, it finally stopped raining yesterday evening.

All in all, I say it was pretty good for a dull weather weekend.

Oh, and in text book news, I found out why my text book is so cheap.


Ha! Now the question is, will it ever actually make it here?


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riddle me this

I hurried downtown after work with my coworker Rita, so that we could purchase our books before we had class. We scurried down the different aisles trying to find our texts. I found mine quite quickly only to just as quickly undergo the shock of seeing the price tag.


Yes, $172 for 400 pages about Strategic Marketing for Nonprofits.

Gimme a break!

I met back up with Rita and she had four books in her hands costing just $120 total.

Now, frankly I feel it is first and foremost wrong that publishing companies hold this kind of power, court professors and or schools, and wield it so irresponsibly. But then, I think it is also irresponsible of a professor to ask that students pay such an outlandish price for a book especially after they are already paying such high tuition (myself not included.) I wanted to complain the entire class, but I had already resolved I would return it ASAP and search the web for a cheaper version.

So, today I have done so and I see the book is listed online anywhere from $40 - $220. What is going on!? Of course I try my best to buy the $40 version only to realize I will be charged an equal $40 for shipping. I'm sorry, but again, what is going on!? Granted, this is still cheaper than purchasing the book for $170 like I did yesterday, but gimme a break.

This seems slightly comparable to drug companies that gouge for their medications and court doctors.

OOooooh well. This is being a student in America I suppose.

I keep thinking it is Friday. Maybe wishful thinking?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Because I have a minute

Our network is currently down here at work, so I thought I'd take this moment to do a quick catch up on the things that I have not been able to catch up on.

This is the beginning of the school year, which means busy - ness for me at work as well as life. Things seem to be picking up in all areas, but the last few weeks have involved much of me just running back and forth and being at the mercy of whomever has a question to ask me... which is fine, really. I quite enjoy being able to answer questions, I just also enjoy a few moments of silence in between the chaos. The result of a busy work life is that I simply want to be at home afterwards and watch whatever bad tv I can find. I actually have had that luxury the last two nights, which is a great thing because tonight I begin my school process with my class for the quarter. It is a marketing course, geared toward non-profit organizations. I hope it will in turn make me more marketable as future employee of some non-profit organization who needs me.

I can't tell you that the thought of sitting in a classroom tonight after a day of work thrills me, but I am anxious to get back to working toward something. The summer seems to be about enjoyment while the fall, for me, is geared toward getting things done. I have to think this is somewhat a result in the fact that the weather begs to be combatted against (cold days and colder nights as well as early sunsets).

My parents have successfully moved out of their home (praise Jebus) and are currently residing in my brother's summer home in South Haven, Michigan. I have it in me that I should go visit them for a weekend as the house is right near the lake and I would like one more weekend of summer if I could... but who knows.

I'm so upset with politics right now I can't even write about it. I was thinking this morning as I listened to NPR that I found it all to be so irritating and how inevitably politics can be nothing other than political. I was also thinking how this coverage must be so tiresome for the voices that have to speak it... over and over and over. I can't wait until November, but I also feel a bit scared of it.

My allergies reign.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

As they usually do

Hi all.

I am exhausted today. I have not slept properly since my return from Portland and I really haven't had the chance to simply rest, so I think it is catching up with me and my mood.

Today is a rainy day and I welcome it. It feels appropriate as I returned Monday to find 90 degree temps and frustrating humidity. Today feels gloomy, but ok and I have to think that fall is beginning to show its slower self. Shh, my dear. I know. *pats head*

I realized today that I didn't give a birthday shout out to my lovely Jessica as she celebrated on Tuesday. In fact, we celebrated as we went and had a lovely dinner at the Skylark down in Pilsen. It was good to be able to get together, chat, be with good folks. I was glad Jessica had a birthday simply for that reason. :)

So, I have yet to watch all of Sarah Palin's speech. I plan to do that before the day is over. I continue to read about it and I feel impressed by the overwhelming media coverage of it all, but I find myself asking for what reason? I have many more thoughts on this, but I am going to wait to put them in writing. In the meantime, I think some ecards will say it best for all of us (as they usually do.)

Oh, and ps. Mary and I had the idea for these cards first... we just don't have good follow through. Oh well!

Off to search for motivation.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And he's back again...

Just as quickly as I left, I have returned from the chilly mountains of the pacific northwest to the sweltering pavement of Chicago.

Can I make one quick observation about this city that is not directly related to my visit to Portland, but certainly includes that experience? Chicago is a very real city. I don't know how better to articulate that, but it was as simple as getting on the plane late last night with my fellow returning travelers and I was reminded that this city is simply more real than most others I have visited. Maybe more on this another time (as I don't want to taint my Portland words) but in some ways it is as simple as that.

Ok, but Portland on the other hand is indeed a beautiful city. Stunning in fact. Nestled in mountains and full of thoughtfully crunchy folk who seem to take good care of themselves and their land. I mean, they even have big 'ol trees in the center of downtown and there are more independent coffee shops than a boy could ever hope for. It is unique and interesting place that I enjoyed.

In short, I arrived late on Friday evening to be greeted by my dear host, Ellen (the sister of the groom.) Saturday I explored the city with a friend from High School and his wife before we made our way to the woods for the wedding. It was everything charming, quirky and picturesque. The ceremony took place next to a babbling brook (frealz) and the bride and groom were thoughtful with their vows to each and other and the vows they made to those in attendance (awesome idea!) The festivities afterwards were in the same location with great home made food, beer from mason jars, and dancing until the wee hours in the woods. Here are some quick pics.

Glasses in the morning. Contacts at night.

Andy, making plans.

Little birds in a store.

I bought these. They don't need dirt to grow.

Robin and Dave arrive at the wedding.

Setting up tents before the wedding.

Robin will forever be a leaning post for her tall friends (since like umm age 11?)

Someone sewed these napkins for everyone.

The Ceremony.

The bride and the groom with the o-town crowd.


My gracious hosts.

The best part of the evening. The first dance began like this...

Then turned into this...

And this...

And out of the nowhere, this... (all to come sail away)

Honestly, it was freaking cold in Portland. As much as I'm not a fan of the heat, I was not prepared for the cold temps. So, in an effort to stay warm, we danced.

And danced.

Then the morning after.

We were so cold in the morning that we tried to soak in all the sun we could.

Then when all was said and done, Robin, Dave and I made a tired trip to the stunning coast.

Recognize this rock?

Obviously, stunning.

So the remainder of the trip involved eating and eating and more exploring of the city. All in all it was really amazing and I find myself fairly exhausted upon the return. I'm thankful though for such wonderful childhood friends who can fantastically fun in both the midwest and the pacific northwest and be fantastically fun.