Monday, September 29, 2008

Post it on your blog. I'll get to it later.

I said to Robin, "Did you see Tina Fey on Saturday doing her impression of Sarah Palin again?" and her response to me was "No! Post it on your blog and I'll get to it later. The Letterman clips were great!"

I told her "I'm just a blog to you!"

So, I'm sure most of you have seen Tina Fey acting as Sarah Palin again this Saturday. It brought the major LOLZ as I sat by myself and watched it twice. I thought I would share with you, even though I'm sure you've already seen but it is especially funny/terrifying if you watch it next to the actual Katie Couric interview as some of the dialogue is directly from reality.

I'm telling you... this makes me feel bad for her, which shouldn't be the case.

I have a few more quick political observations, then on to life stuff.

My Father and I watched the debate (all 90 minutes of foreign policy) and discussed afterwards how we were so impressed with both candidates and their general knowledge. I can't really fathom the ability to be able to call up those names from memory, let alone figures and numbers. I thought both were well equipped to have a legitimate debate which we simply haven't seen in umm 12 years? It also made me realize that we were are not simply deciding this election based on qualifications but idealogical differences. These men believe two completely different things with regards to many issues and you really have to listen to their messages and decide which resonates with you.

Also, it was especially interesting to spend time in Michigan this weekend because it is a battle ground state. As you drive down the country roads you see both Obama and McCain signs in neighbors yards and I guess there is a naive part of me that assumes rural areas will just be voting conservatively, but the signs displayed prominately led me to believe that it truly could go either way in states like Michigan.

Finally, my mother explained to me that she was yet undecided which, pretty much blew my mind. I loved hearing that come out of her mouth.

I had a wonderful time in Michigan. I spent time on the beach with my parents, I rode a moped around South Haven, I shopped at junk stores and I ate fudge. My mother and I consumed a half a pound of fudge in one day actually. She is a terrible influence on me. Saturday we made our way back to the hometown (Otsego, MI) and went to the "Creative Arts Festival" where my father rode his big wheel bicycle in the parade. To my eye, the "Creative Arts Festival" was little more than a car show... with hot rods lining the streets... but I guess that is an art I don't know much about. It made for entertaining people watching to say the least. In the evening we made our way over to my Aunt and Uncle's house to attend a "block party" which is a humorous party type in a rural area. Their block includes about a five mile radius, but I ate a lot of good food and endured all our old neighbors telling me how they remembered me when I was much smaller. I was also told that maybe I'm not listening to the calling that I'm supposed to be a pastor. That was a highlight. This came from a gentleman who would regularly sneak away to his RV to take a swig of whiskey.

Yesterday I was back in the city, singing in the AM and then joining my brother and his wife for brunch as they were in town celebrating her birthday. In the afternoon I caught Man on Wire with Tim, which I heartily recommend. The French are so entertaining and this gentleman who is the tight rope walker is the Frenchest of the French. The movie was followed by dinner at Ping Pong and then a cold bike ride home.

Today is rainy and grey and I'm ok with that because the weather this weekend was too beautiful to be stuck inside today working with anything similar.

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