Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riddle me this

I hurried downtown after work with my coworker Rita, so that we could purchase our books before we had class. We scurried down the different aisles trying to find our texts. I found mine quite quickly only to just as quickly undergo the shock of seeing the price tag.


Yes, $172 for 400 pages about Strategic Marketing for Nonprofits.

Gimme a break!

I met back up with Rita and she had four books in her hands costing just $120 total.

Now, frankly I feel it is first and foremost wrong that publishing companies hold this kind of power, court professors and or schools, and wield it so irresponsibly. But then, I think it is also irresponsible of a professor to ask that students pay such an outlandish price for a book especially after they are already paying such high tuition (myself not included.) I wanted to complain the entire class, but I had already resolved I would return it ASAP and search the web for a cheaper version.

So, today I have done so and I see the book is listed online anywhere from $40 - $220. What is going on!? Of course I try my best to buy the $40 version only to realize I will be charged an equal $40 for shipping. I'm sorry, but again, what is going on!? Granted, this is still cheaper than purchasing the book for $170 like I did yesterday, but gimme a break.

This seems slightly comparable to drug companies that gouge for their medications and court doctors.

OOooooh well. This is being a student in America I suppose.

I keep thinking it is Friday. Maybe wishful thinking?

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