Monday, September 22, 2008

You should see me now

I have coffee spilled down the entire side of my shirt and so I ran to th bathroom to soak it with cold water and now I'm simply wet. But I mean, this is just a standard Monday. I would say most pieces of clothing I own have a coffee stain somewhere.

This was a gorgeous weekend. Indian Summer style, maybe? I suppose it is too early to be an Indian Summer, but it was mid 70's to 80's with beautiful sunny skies and light breeze. I don't think one could ask for more during mid September. It was a weekend of leisure, for the most part. Friday I enjoyed some drinks with coworkers, did a little bit of cleaning at home and then watched Tina do her laundry while I took in some trashy television. Saturday was generally lazy until later in the afternoon when Ryan and I made our way over to the Hideout Block Party. Although I was less familiar with the lineup this year, I ended up having a really nice time (if not simply because Jessica was kind enough to give us the hookup with it all). My highlight of the weekend's music was this band called Monotonix from Israel. I have seen a show like this in a long time... which you can see a piece of it below.

The dude was literally sitting on top of his bass drum, being lifted above the crowd and continuing to play. He also lit his drumsticks and symbols on fire to start the show off. It was pretty amazing and I was in the perfect spot, standing atop a barricade to the side so I didn't have to be in the mix but could see it all. I also enjoyed Neko Case (as I always do) and I thought Ratatat put on a pretty amazing show with some sweet videos that accompanied each of their songs. I love how video is such a big part of so many band's show now. I'm into it.

That picture is just from my iPhone, which I find to be impressive, the quality, ya know. I took some film pictures but I don't have those back yet.

Sunday was more of the block party, a cookout, making omelettes. I dunno. Good stuff.

I finally got my free Obama button from, and it is pretty awesomely vintage appearing.

I'm displaying it proudly on my backpack.

That being said, I leave you with this quote.

"One reason I'm glad Sarah Palin is on the ticket: I'm a huge Deadliest Catch fan, and [the Palins] know them! I can't wait to meet them!" —Cindy McCain, appearing with husband John just now on The Rachael Ray Show.

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