Monday, September 15, 2008

Rain, rain, rain, rain, raiiiiiinnnn.

It rained all weekend.
Literally all weekend.
Yea, seriously, it started on Friday and then it just kept raining until Sunday afternoon. I've never seen anything like it... not such a consistent downpour for so long. It's a little bit of Hurricane Ike coming our way, but man! The suburbs are flooded and some neighborhoods have seen better days, but overall, all is ok. Thank god we're not in Texas. :/

Because of the weather I had a weekend of just mild events. Friday evening I enjoyed some drinks with coworkers after work and then made my way with Christina down to the south side to see this dance performance by this group called The Seldoms. It was pretty amazing. It took place in a warehouse and involved video projections and dance. I was glad to have made the trip.

Saturday was an absolutely lazy day, involving brunch with Ryan, Burn After Reading, which I loved even though everyone else seems to be lukewarm about it, and then a terribly failed attempt a cooking a vegetarian meal. I mean, it was a total failure. flop. blech. blah. plop.

Sunday, I did some singing and then made my way home (it was still pouring rain) to get myself together and finally run errands. Thanks to Linsey's generosity and car, I was able to donate some clothes to the salvation army (which have been sitting in my entry way for months now) and sell some others to the Crossroads. ($45!) The evening concluded with a lovely dinner at Mana and a stroll through the renegade craft fair. Oh, it finally stopped raining yesterday evening.

All in all, I say it was pretty good for a dull weather weekend.

Oh, and in text book news, I found out why my text book is so cheap.


Ha! Now the question is, will it ever actually make it here?


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