Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweet sweet fantasy baby

I did this really smart/dumb thing.

The back story is that it is a commitment of mine to get out of credit car debt by the end of this year. I think I can do it as I have paid a LOT off in just the past six months and it gets exciting... kind of like when you start to get in shape and you want to work out more because you see yourself getting closer to what you want. So anyway, I've become a bit obsessed with putting every extra bit of money toward my debt and I've made a lot of headway because of this obsession.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, while I rode my bike to work this morning I was fantasizing about the day when I could blog that I am CC debt free. It will be a sweet day and I'm excited for it.

BUT! This month I got a little over zealous, making a huge payment on my debt and well, leaving myself with not much else. So I am penny pinching in the name of making too large a payment on my debt.

You know it is funny because I talk quite openly about my debt and it seems to make some people uncomfortable. We were speaking of this at lunch not too long ago and it is a taboo topic amongst some as though I have acted irresponsibly by accruing debt in the first place and maybe that is somewhat the case but my debt is simply from a few years ago when life was less financially stable for me, so I don't necessarily regret my decisions but rather, I look forward to putting those decisions completely behind me.

Now if I could just actually work out AND be out of debt.

I'm glad for Friday. This weekend is the Hideout Block Party.

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