Friday, February 29, 2008

So, I've decided...

It is a uh-noy-ing when people go on and on about how busy they are... because it is not like anyone really cares, ya know? And, I am one of those people. I always tell people about how I'm doing this and that and this and that and the other thing and I don't think they care so much. I was thinking last night that probably the reason I tend to go on these rants is not necessarily to receive sympathy for my self-imposed overextendedness, but rather to just communicate that I have a few reasons for not being a better friend, son, brother, etc. So my motivations are not to just get a good 'ole "poor me!" in all the time, but rather to tell each every person that I'd like to be able to give you more time and energy and in an ideal world I would.

That is all for that.

I had a blast last night.
I scurried home after work to do some much needed cleaning and teach a voice lesson. After the lesson, I finally mopped some floors (which have been haunting me for quite some time)(oh, and this isn't the fun part yet)and scoured my bathroom. Once the 9 o'clock hour had arrived I caught a taxi down to Ukrainian Village to meet with Peter and catch Hey Willpower. We got there about 9:30 and the doors weren't open yet so we spent some time next door at a new place called Relax and have a few drinks. After giving Sonoteque adequate time to fill up with joined a few hipsters to hear the band. This turned into a long night of unabashed dancing. The kind of dancing I haven't done in such a long time and the kind I need to do periodically just to remind myself what it feels like to move in that way. It was unexpected and awesome.

In other news, half of my mouth is currently numb and I insist upon trying to drink coffee because making it through an entire morning without it would be too much. My dentist and I hadn't seen each other since December (a long time for the two of us) so he asked me what I was doing and I told him I had started school. He asked about the class I was taking and I explained that it was a non-profit management class. He looked at me befuddled and responded "uh, yea... I don't even know anything about that... it is not even in my realm of thought... I mean not even something I care about or want to know about." My response? "um, ok." Haha! Isn't that an incredibly strange thing to say to someone? I get his sentiment, but to essentially respond to someone by saying "I don't care about that." struck me as an odd conversational tool. Regardless, it turns out he is leaving his practice and so since we have a checkered past I think it is best that I leave him and find someone else to work on these not-so-pearly whites.

"I can have another you in a minute, matter fact he'll be here in a minute."

Thanks, B.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

ah mazing

oh man.
thank you, barack.


Whoa. This is called burning the candle at both ends. I am tiiiiired. The good news is that I think I have finally completed all aspects of my project for and can consider that done. It was a learning experience, but I think when the final product is in hand I will feel pleased. I mean, I guess I feel pleased already because I was given a task with a small amount of funds and a short amount of time and I completed it. This is more than can be said for my class, thus far.

Which makes me want to articulate something outloud I've never articulated before... well, maybe just once. I don't want to work full time. I want to work part time and make art and music the rest of the time, so I wonder if there will ever be a way for me to figure out how to do this. The thing is that I have to work here to go to school here, but I dunno. Everything feels a bit confusing right now. I have this feeling it will all clear up once spring and summer arrive. I feel a longing for spring like I haven't felt before... like I'm just holding out until then or something.

So, I'm not watching American Idol this season.... nor have I really since the Fantasia season, I think? I guess I'm what one would call "over it", but I ganked this from someone else's blog because it's pretty pretty.

I just realized my blog contains American Girls and American idols.
*points gun to head*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holes in teeth

I found my iPod. No worries. I never actually lose anything, I just regularly misplace everything and usually it is in the most logical place one could imagine but where I insightfully placed it and could not find it later on. The only exception is the time my wallet was nowhere to be found, but later discovered under the radiator in my bedroom where it had flung during a quick pants removal.

I had two terrible dreams last night.
I don't really like to listen when people recount dreams, so I will keep this short.
One involved me running after "my dog" in the snow barefoot. In the dream I owned a golden retriever and he was running away? I was chasing him with no shoes.
The second involved a phone call from my mother telling me they had sold the house. This actually brought my to tears which is really interesting and I think a part of me is expecting this dream to manifest itself in the not so distant future.
Maybe my memory foam is making me extra dreamy.

I have two more cavities being filled on Friday. I'm slowly chipping away (pun intended) at getting this dental work done. It all costs so much $ and time, but hopefully I wont be an old dude with no teeth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I feel overwhelmed today.

That is pretty much all I have to say.

I can't find my ipod (I worry it was stolen).

People keep setting things on my desk.

I have a lot of projects that require self motivation, but I just can't seem to muster it.

The snow never stops. I dreaded exiting my apartment this morning as I had to once again put on my wool socks.

My plants don't seem to be doing well.

I completely forgot to brush my teeth this morning. I was going to brush them but then I thought I would wait because I wanted to eat some cereal, and then on my way to bus I thought to myself "Hmm! my mouth tastes funky... oh.. yuck... ew."

But you know, I trudge on. I can handle it. It's just a Tuesday.

Monday, February 25, 2008

An American Girl at the Oscars

The weekend was simultaneously low key and nonstop. (hyphens confuse me btw) Friday afternoon I had to hurry home to teach a voice lesson and spruce up the house because it has been somewhat of a disaster for longer than I care to mention. I had anticipated the possibility of going somewhere but upon having a freshly made bed, folded laundry, some art zine I had ordered off the internet and a glass of white wine, I just decided to stay in. It was really the best decision.

Saturday was my day with the dolls and boy a day it was.

I don't even know what to say. I mean, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and it was certainly a pleasure to see my niece. She is really the sweetest girl that ever walked this planet and I support her in her American Girl doll love, but to be an active participant was pretty ... um .. interesting. I kept pretending I was just at the Drake for tea or something, even though I imagine the Drake wouldn't paper there walls with black and white stripes with chandeliers made out of pink flowers.

Here. Just look.

Yea, the dolls have chairs at the table and my niece managed to match the decorations of the restaurant.

I mean, given the circumstances we were pretty freakin' cute. (Note the product placement above my right shoulder.)

Oh yea, and I ate this.

Anyway, chalk it up to a new experience and I'll pretty much do anything for child of my siblings... so it is.

Yesterday I sang in the AM, but then managed to get about and hour and a half of walking around in the sun which was pretty amazing. The real reason was because the red line trains weren't running to get my to my final destination so I just decided to do it by foot. I was reminded for a bit what spring is going to feel like and ooooo it will feel good. I spent the bulk of my afternoon meeting with a group from class to work on our project. I still find it odd that I'm a student. When people ask me "what I do?" I always forget to include that part, but I guess I'm a student that goes to class and does projects with classmates and stuff? Weeeeird.

The day ended with a little Oscar gathering, which was of course nice because I was with good people... but overall I didn't feel particularly interested. My highlight was when John Stuart had Marketa Irglova return to the stage and give an acceptance speech because she was not given the opportunity. What a brilliant girl. Born in 1988. You do the math.

Also, Tilda Swinton.
What an androgynous dream.

6' tall.
Oh, and given my appreciation for There will be blood I was pleased to see Daniel Day Lewis win his award.

It is a potentially rainy (then snowy) Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blurry eyed.


Last night was a success and I feel exhausted today.

I'm thankful to the people who came to listen. It was very nice and when one is making music or art or whatever it is very helpful to have an audience.

Here are some photos.

Setting up.


Waiting during sound check.



James in blue.



Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm going to eat Bi Bim Bob for lunch and stare off into the distance for a while.

Have a good one, friends.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few things.

Do you ever find yourself heading toward the bathroom and begin to undo your pants, which wouldn't be weird if you were at home, but actually you are in public and you shouldn't be unbuttoning your pants until you're in the bathroom?

Yea, me either.

Also, I'm not into "Hey how's it going?" as a greeting. Especially as a greeting that one gives in passing because it just bothers me that in saying it there isn't really time to care how I'm doing and I don't like that I need to return a "how are you?" to be polite when really we don't have time to talk about how we're really doing, so all in all I'd rather just say "Hey!" and keep walking.

I just ate three cookies from McDonalds, which weren't half bad although I can't imagine I needed three cookies. It is occurring to me more than ever that I have an addiction to sugar. I used to be a salty person when I was younger, but now I'm all about sweets. I blame my addiction to coffee because nothing offsets a good cup of joe, like a nice piece of cake or something of the sort.

I have a terrible headache today. I'm counting on it diminishing in the next hours so I can sing pretty tonight.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dudes, I'm too busy fer realz.
This week has just been nonstop and it will be nonstop until Sunday.
I've had just about enough of it and I need a good long nap on my memory foam.

Last night I had a lovely rehearsal, but upon my exit I realized that I've had just about enough of waiting for the bus in sub zero temps, so I decided to just cab it back home in an effort to get in bed at a decent hour. This morning I felt similar contempt for the cold, so I called upon my new neighbor, Ms. Linsey, to help me on my way to work.

(As a side note, I am working on this music with the William Ferris Chorale by Eric Whitacre. It is blowing my mind. take a listen: Water Night)

Once I arrived at work I had to buckle down because not only was I busy with real job stuff, I had to somehow complete this paper for my class that I've managed to procrastinate doing until the day it is due... but in my super human paper writing speed, I got it done. I dunno. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this because when one is keeping the pace I'm keeping, down time doesn't want to be dedicated to school! I'm hoping I somehow fall into the pattern, but I had this dream last night that someone was asking me if it was going to take me the "full 12 years to finish?" ha! in my subconscious I will be in school for twelve years.

So, tomorrow night is the gig I am singing in at The Hideout with the Grace Consort. I am really looking forward to it. I hope good people come and I hope I can keep my eyes open.

This is all for now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Tea

I received a phone call yesterday from a woman claiming to be the mother of friend of my niece Michaela. They are going to be coming to Chicago, bringing Michaela and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting them in China Town for dinner this weekend. What a funny voice message to receive but I guess when you are 11 you have your friend's mom call your uncle to see if you wanna hang out. So, I returned the phone call only to realize they would be eating at the Phoenix when I was in the midst of teaching a voice lesson, so I asked for an alternative. Guess what my option was... just guess... imagine what in the city of Chicago, Davin would be least likely to enjoy doing... I mean, there are a number of things but this one takes the cake.

Here is a visual cue:

Yea, you guessed it. Tea at the America Girl doll store.

So, I'll do it and it will be fine and I'll get some quality time with my little miss sunshine niece and all will be well.

The sun is out today, the office is quiet and I need to get some work done. Adios.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear February, I hate you.

This morning was killah. Walking to the bus in the negative degree wind chill constantly discovering new patches of black ice. It makes a bruthah want to go back to bed. This concludes my weather complaints for the morning.

My boss came in this morning and asked me if I was ok because I looked like something was wrong. "huh!?", I replied. "You look tired or something." "Umm, are you just telling me I look bad?" Ok I didn't actually respond like that but it is funny when someone tells you that you look tired, because I've seen tired and it doesn't look very good so even if I am tired and wouldn't mind the sympathy behind looking bad I don't really want to look "tired or something". This also could possibly be connected to the fact that I can currently barely move my neck. Why? Well, I'm an old man and on Friday whilst Christina was telling me one of the grosser and more ridiculous stories I've ever heard, I laughed so hard that I threw my neck out. I imagine this laugh included a high pitch squeal that I am simply not supposed to make and that I'm essentially serving time for sounding like a girl when I laugh. Who knows, but I'm stuck in a hunch right now and it kind of sucks.

As for the weekend, Friday I had a lovely dinner and some drinks where I heard the grossest and most ridiculous story I've ever heard. It was a relatively early night as I had to get up the next morning and run off to rehearsal. I was rehearsing with the consort for our gig at the hideout on Thursday, which if you live around Chicago you should definitely come. I'm excited about the show and I would be hard pressed to promote something I didn't believe in.

This is our fearless leader, James.

After a long morning of rehearsal, I headed home to attempt to start writing a paper for my class which somehow turned into me making a mix cd and skyping with Mary... both of which took longer than they should have. In evening I ran to a birthday party at this place called WeeGee's which I guess is the new hang on the west side. I've been there twice now, and both nights were hopping with good people and on Saturday I managed to run into three different unexpected groups of friends.

Anyway, they have a shuffleboard which I think is probably the highlight of the bar as the service left something to be desired. Which, by saying makes me realize I am getting older because there used to be some charm in going to "hip" places where the service was kind of bad as in the "I don't care" kind of attitude, but I don't have the patience for that anymore and I certainly don't want to throw money at it.

At this point in the evening it started to rain and freeze and turn into a weather nightmare so I headed home to go back to my new favorite memory foamed place, BED. Sunday I did the usual singing and some time at Target (<3). I once again told everyone I was going to write my paper and even sat in front of an open book and just ended up skyping more. Seriously, my procrastination is a killer! Regardless, the paper is due on Wednesday and I've convinced myself I have plenty of time to write it... I hope.

I seriously can't move my neck. I just sneezed and it was about all my stiff body could handle.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's been a busy morning and I'm feeling a bit behind in my regular daily routine. I managed to get a ride downtown with Linsey as I had a meeting to attend. It is a beautiful day here (finally) and as I left my meeting on the 24th floor I just took a few minutes to look out the window and gaze at the city. It really is a beautiful city and when it is sunny I can appreciate it all the more.

I'm feeling a bit proud of myself today because I created a Facebook page for my office at work. This may seem like an odd thing to do, but given the nature of our office and how we are communicating with students regularly it makes sense to come to them where they are. Within less than 24 hours of having the profile 100 students have chosen to be our Facebook friend and as a result with be communicated with more easily. I'm looking forward to exploring better how we can use this tool.

One student emailed me and said "How can I be sure you wont use incriminating evidence on my page against me?" Ummmm... DUH. Don't post pictures of yourself in compromising positions. If I can see it, so can your future employers. It will be interesting to interact with student in this manner though because it is crossing some bounds that I'm not sure we're ready for...

I'm glad for it being Friday, and payday, and sunny, and Friday. I am rehearsing tomorrow and hitting up a birthday party. Hopefully the sun lasts.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I suppose today I am supposed to write on the matter of Valetine's Day given the fact that is February the 14th, but I don't quite know what to say?

Yesterday my friends asked me what I would be doing tonight and I hadn't even thought that I should be doing something! I was planning on watching Thursday night television. Then, I got home and found two Valentine's day cards in the mail from my sister and my sister-in-law. I imagine them standing at Wal-Mart staring at the Vday cards and thinking about how "lonely Davin must be on Valentine's day" so they would send me a card... which is nice, but...

So then I was going to wear some sort of red to be festive, but Tina said it is weird when people dress for the holidays, but I just thought it would be funny cause I don't think of myself as a holiday dresser, but then she said I was definitely a holiday dresser... which is maybe more depressing than the holidays themselves! So, I'm wearing black just like I would on a normal Thursday.

I'm thinking there has to be a place in this holiday for me, so maybe people will bring some special treats to work. I get to work, not a bit of sugar in sight!

Ok, so maybe a I will create a little internet Valentine for loved ones. I did a little google search for Vday images and this is the only one that struck me.

This seems about right. It is called "Valentine's Day Driving"
I love how the lady is pissed and the dude is like "wha!? I'm taking you to Morimoto, can you just love me?" Which somehow seemed not appropriate to send around, or maybe all too appropriate?

So then I thought that maybe I would compile a little mix of songs (similar to last year) that resonated on the theme of love... and I did come up with this Al Green song that I will share. I'm So Glad You're Mine But other than that, my iTunes seem to contain not much Vday inspiration.

But I guess in the end, for me, this is just Thursday and I am totally fine with that. Clad in black, listening to Al Green and ready for some TV. It is in fact a very happy Happy Valentines Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It always surprises me when people know things that seem like common knowledge to them and I have no idea. For instance, my little wool h&m gloves that I bought in Philly with the onset of the winter cold have been adorning my hands for the majority of the winter. Monday my finger poked right through the end of one of my glove so I decided to switch it up and pull out some old "thinsulate" gloves that I think someone left at my house or something. They are big, black and bulky, and surprisingly enough keep my hands significantly less warm than the thin wool gloves I bought at h&m.

After rehearsal I had dinner with Bennett last night and while getting ready to go, I put on my big, bulky gloves and complained how they were not nearly as warm as my others... and he was like, "oh, because they are fat?" He just knew that fat gloves weren't as warm? I didn't know! I thought fat gloves would be warmer with all that extra fabric wrapped around my lil fingers.

This reminds me that I don't know much! ("but I know I love yooooouuuuu.")

I'm rockin' some sort of headache today, even though I feel generally good about the world. I'm jonesing to get out of the city, but it just isn't going to happen until after easter as I am committed to rehearsals and singing until then. It is funny because I find myself saying yes to pretty much everything that comes my way, which is great for my pocket book but it is keeping me a bit over committed and stressed when the end is not in sight for a while.

I guess I will just plan something for the spring. I need an exit strategy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The foam dreamz are made of.

Ok, so yesterday I got home from work to discover my recently ordered memory foam had arrived in all its glory. I've known about this foam for a while thanks to the foresight of Ms. Linsey, but I finally bit the bullet to purchase it and lay it upon my bed. Along with my mattress pad I received two sweet pillows which I felt hesitant about at first because I like to hug my pillow in my sleep, but these pillows know how to hug me if you know what I'm shaaayin'.

The foam comes all rolled up in a log of sorts, shrink wrapped into a much smaller state than one could imagine. My first instinct was to think they had sent along the wrong size, but after unwrapping and waiting a few hours for the air to rush through the foams pores, i realized the size was perfect... and so would be my sleep.

Yea, it's all that. When you first get on it, it is not necessarily soft, but it molds and shapes to you creating a little piece of bliss that in a seemingly easy way I would like to invite everyone over to check out. I awoke this morning to realize I had not moved an inch the entire night but had stayed still! I'm a tosser and turner and I was still, so this is progress.

I think with the blue light and the mattress pad, I shall rule the winter world!

Re: The Grammy's, I think I am over it already so I wont say much. I watched the whole thing which is not something I could say for previous years and I found a lot of it semi entertaining. I thought the fact that Herbie Hancock won for album of the year was at least humorous because how would Kanye walk away from that and pitch a fit? I also think though if Herbie Hancock's album is winning album of the year I clearly have no idea what is going on in popular music.

Also, my favorite moment was Amy Winehouse offering up her award for "my Blake incarcerated." I told some friends that it reminded me of when I was in high school and this girl who was nominated for homecoming queen had a baby. When announcing her as she entered the football field they said "In her spare time (name here) enjoys cheerleading, playing with her son, and hanging out with her friends." It was so wonderfully perfect.

I did appreciate the moves that Amy Winehouse's back up dancers had:

Ps. Jen's birthday was on February 9 and I never remember her birthday. I just don't. I haven't remembered it for like 10 years. So I will always be the horrible friend who posts embarrassing videos of her (AND ME!) and wishes belated birthday wishes. Happy Birhtday!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dueling Blogs: Rebuttal

Ok, I'm not going to lie. I feel a bit daunted by this post because of the challenge that has been put into place by the infamous Ms. Mary, but I can handle it. I'm the original blogger. I know how to roll in these types of situations, so I will not *prove* myself, but rather continue to blog in a professional manner about the importance of absolute nothingness.

My weekend was surprisingly active, given the temperatures of this city of wind and my somewhat lacking motivation (see title: theLAZE) but good people and opportunities were available so I took advantage. Friday after work I headed home to make up a voice lesson that I hadn't taught on Thursday due to the funeral singing. (This makes me wonder if people would ever joke that I'm the funeral singer in the way they joke about me being the wedding singer?) After the lesson I ran off downtown to catch a wonderful unstaged opera at the CSO called "Ainadamar: Fountain of Tears". It was in Portuguese and had electronic music and although I had no idea what was going on, I very much enjoyed myself and appreciated the free tickets in the sweet seats due to my dearest Robin.

After saying goodbye to Dave and Robin I trudged along home through the rain (yes, rain) to find Mary upon her arrival from a day or so in Madison. I had hidden the key for her to enter my apartment until I returned and thus begins the episode of the dueling blog. See, Mary used to make fun of me for blogging. Plain and simple, but now she has managed to land in cyberblogland like no other and I for one appreciate it because then I don't have to talk to her as much... just kidding! I really enjoy what she has to write and I think it is a humorous point if we both excessively document. So, within the less than 24 hours we saw each other I made sure she understood the point of my mission.

I walked into my house with camera in hand and declared "Dueling Blogs! Dueling Blogs!"

Thus began the assault.

After scouring the city of Chicago for late night food which would deliver (which by the way is surprisingly difficult. I never order food to be delivered because I don't think it very economical, so I had no idea that every Asian restaurant in this city stops delivering after 10, but for some reason still answers their phone only to tell me they are closed?), we engaged our dear college friend Lydia in a three way phone conversation. This was apparently exactly what I needed because when speaking with Mary and Lydia, I am absolutely the funniest person on this planet. Ok, let's just say *I* think I'm funny and those ridiculous laughs were what I needed to cheer up a winter spirit.

The next morning we got our unnecessarily tired butts out of bed to return Mary's car to the rental place and then wait for her flight. Here is a visual representation of the events, with Mary balking the whole time but secretly looking forward to her moment to shine on theLAZE!

After sending Mary along on her Mary little way, I took the train back to the city and spent the rest of the afternoon doing my school work. Ugh. When the evening rolled around I headed off to a rehearsal and then downtown to a party where I up with peter and his crew. South Loop, 24th floor, overlooking Solder Field and the Field Museum.

Needless to say it was a sweet view and an entertaining party.

Sunday, more singing and running around town in the 6 degree temps.

I've run out of steam.
I want to say some things about the Grammy Awards and my memory foam, but those two things will wait.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yea, I'm definitely over these temps.

It has been a wonderful weekend, so I will only do this complaining now and then later reflect upon the good things... but seriously, -4? fer realz?

Friday, February 8, 2008

I did it all for the Nookie(s)

Ah, yes. Friday it is and I feel like the week was longer usual, but at least we have made it to this point and I can gracefully exit into the weekend before getting too stir crazy here at work. I'm on the verge, but hopefully a few (couple) days away will keep me amongst the sane. I'm just tired of getting to and from here. I don't even have a terrible commute, but something about waking up to the grey and then walking to transportation with consistent precipitation pelting you in the face... it just wears on you.

Last night I had enough with this damned cold and I summonsed a cab from my singing gig on the northside to transport me to Logan Square.

First off, on a quick side note I wanted to share that I sang at this funeral last night and although I consider any gig a privilege and will usually say yes because I like the extra money, it was pretty weird to be a part of a funeral for someone I did not know. It was a huge gathering and it all began with a open casket, which is even more weird if it is someone you don't know. People viewing a body and then a Catholic Mass, which although I sing at often is an unfamiliar experience for me... then eulogies, which I tried my best to be patient with. I really did and I kept cursing myself for being insensitive, but eulogizing is so odd and seemingly redundant in certain situations. It appeared this man was loved and I'm glad people were able to express that.

So regardless, I was way up north. Father north in the city than I ever like to go and rather than stomaching the train to be followed by a bus ride I decided I had earned $$ and I could cab it home. SO! in the theme "Davin's crazy cab drivers" I got into a small white cab with an oversized white dude chomping on a stinky piece of pizza, but I was just glad to be out of the cold and headed home. "I'm diabetic, so I have to keep eating." "Umm. Ok." So he drives along with his stinky pizza and his cell phone ringing, which he answered and put on speaker phone. Twas his wife. She had found the extra stamps he needed to mail out the credit card bills. Good to know. He proceeds to listen to FOX news radio for the rest of the 20 minute ride home and comment to me on every story the wretched Greta Van Susteran yapped on about. He kept trying to engage me in the stories about the death of that girl in Aruba, or the gunman in Missouri, or the baby who survived the tornadoes. I was polite, but his pizza was overwhelming me and his driving was so slow and I just wanted to get home.

This ride was notably better than the woman cabbie I had who swerved all over the road and asked me if she could stop for gas. I didn't let her take me all the way home because I feared for my life.

Today I will eat lunch with my coworkers at Nookies. Then off to teach a voice lesson and then to the CSO for an orchestral evening.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

So, you know that snow I've been complaining about? I wasn't joking.
Here is a look down my street.

It seems to never stop, and underneath it all is slush. Mary was supposed to make her way Chicagobound, but alas the storms caused a delay... so we shall see if today produces travel triumph or another case of cabin fever.

I'm currently sitting in front of a light lent to me by Christina. This light is supposed to enhance one's mood during the winter months as it uses full spectrum light bulbs and shines its blue glow upon my face, at least psychologically making me feel better. Actually, in all seriousness I do think it makes me more awake at least and it provides for a good conversation piece with those who enter my office at work.

I've got it in me to travel these days. Unfortunately I am committed to rehearsals for gigs and such up through easter so I can't imagine I can exit the city until the end of March but I've got the bug and I think need to make it happen. Especially during these winter months it benefits me to have an exit strategy, otherwise I just feel trapped. So, today I will begin my travelzoo search and see what good deals they have in store.

Last night I had a moment of wanting to quit school as quickly as I had begun it. I received my first paper back in my first class and the grade left something to be desired. It's been a long time since someone gave me a grade for anything and it felt down right crumby to not have received anything less than an A. Granted, I certainly did not deserve a grade that meant perfection, but my immediate reaction to receiving something less was "I don't need this." Which, I mean, I don't. I had the same feeling last Saturday when I wanted nothing more than to just be watching tv and not engaging in anything but I was stuck reading a case in an effort to write a paper for my class... and I thought about how this is all self-imposed. I'm doing fine without school but for some reason it is in me to take on more things.

Long story short, I sat through the beginning of my class and sulked to myself, but then decided that bad grades should serve as motivation to get better grades and I needed to give it all another go because I don't want to be that dude that dropped out of his first grad school class... even though I still just want to watch tv.

In an effort to reward myself for deciding to carry on, I hobbled through the snow over to Linsey's where we watched Project Runway, which included a strikingly silly challenge, but proved to be entertaining nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fair weather friend

The walk to the bus this morning was a dreaded mess. Inches of slush, sleet streaming from the heavens and being propelled by ridiculously strong winds. It was one of the first days since living in Chicago I found myself seriously asking why it is that I choose to live in such a climate? Cursing at the sky, I trudged through to Dunkin' Donuts only to have the lady who makes my coffee even before I get there now, ask me how I was doing. The best I could do was mutter that it is nasty outside. She understood as I imagine she had to make her way through at a much earlier hour than I, but so it goes! This is the time of year and we brave these few days like this because we know spring will come and we will have earned it.

I'm listening to St. Vincent. She is just sentimental enough to accommodate my slightly bitter self this morning.

In better news, two people sent me some fun pictures today. One group is from Peter and they are the only pictures that I have from the the group show opening at Estudiotres that I participated in last month. They are a small reflection of folks that came out, but none of my other friends decided to be documentarians, so these will suffice.

Peter and I being terribly unphotogenic.

Me acting like I know what I'm talking about.

Me, Bob, and Whitney.

Taryn, always photogenic in front of some fantastic photos.

Abby, (distracted) Aaron, Agatha, and me.

And in historical news, given the powers of connectivity due to such services as myspace and facebook, I was recently reconnected with a member of my past... and when I say past, I mean like WAY back. Say, kindergarten past. She has been kind enough to visually remind me what we looked like back in the day.

That is kind of awesome, eh? I think the best part is that it appears that she is trying to grab my hand but I don't seem to be that receptive. Ha!

I'm going to try to put the snow behind me and focus on a productive day and such.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Paczki Day

Through much hassle and frustration, I voted this morning. I arrived at the address given on the internet only to find no voting station, so I wandered around the building and then around the block to finally come across a small American flag hanging above a door apparently indicating "VOTE HERE!" That is what I did. I walked in and of course they have no record of my existence even though the website said they did and even though I live a mere three blocks from the station, but after muchado I managed to get a little card and go over to a station to punch in my somewhat ill educated choices. I did my civic duty and I am proud of that, even if it was less than a thrilling process.

I text messaged Mary and said, "Voting is frustrating." to which she responded "On many many levels, but remember in other countries people wait for days to cast their ballots." So, I suppose I can handle some ill prepared voter handlers.

Today is also fat Tuesday which means a number of things to many different people, but in my mind it means that you put a plastic baby in a cake and bake it. I tried to explain this to my coworkers as they looked at me with shock and awe. "A baby in a cake?" "What are you talking about?" Thankfully, wikipedia had my back.

"The cakes have a small trinket (often a small plastic baby, sometimes said to represent Baby Jesus) inside, and the person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket has various privileges and obligations."

How crazy and amazing is that?

And finally, since moving to Chicago I have been made aware of the Polish tradition of Paczki Day, or as I like to call it "Jelly Donut Day!" Paczki is actually pronounced like "poonchkey", which is pretty awesome to say (read: I wont stop saying it to everyone who walks in the room). Once again, we turn to wikipedia. Basically, you eat these coma inducing polish donuts, and I'm really into it.

I have to be honest, I'm not feeling very well today. I have been downing as many vitamins as possible and sleeping bunches, but I can't seem to get up to snuff since I had that blasted staph infection. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do, so I'm just going to sip this coffee and move slowly.

Happy Day.

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Are you watching the Puppy Bowl!?"

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and although I don't really care about such things, I'm typically up for an excuse to eat foods that are bad for me and enjoy the company of friends who know only slightly more (or less) about team sports than I do. So, we gathered and we cooked and we enjoyed... The Puppy Bowl, which Jessica immediately declared as she entered the house "Are you watching The Puppy Bowl!?" and my only response was "What's the puppy bowl?" "It's on animal planet!" "Um, ok." We watched the puppies on animal planet. They just run around and play with each other on a carefully crafted fake football field and although there was nothing happening, I couldn't look away. It was mesmerizing.

Eventually, we made our way over to the Super Bowl and I found myself equally, if not more so mesmerized by that. It was really quite a sight how our group of non-football watchers actually had interest in the outcome of the game, only exercising silence when the commercials would come on.

It was entertaining and the results were unexpected. I left for home feeling full and sleepy.

Sleepy seems to be a theme in my life as of late that I am trying to combat because I don't think it is actually based in lack of sleep. I think it is the result of Chicago winter, which can wear away at the brightest of moods. This year especially it seems the temperatures have been excessively cold and the snow has come in larger amounts than usual. After getting over a foot last week, we received another coupla inches last night. It is intially quite beautiful to look at, but wading through the slush on my way to the bus this morning leaves something to be desired.

Here is Christina with chili in hand waiting for chivalrous Philip to remove the snow from the car. I would have made her do it herself.


After some discussion about places I have traveled and things I have done in the past year, my mother inquired if I kept a journal. I immediately said no, knowing that she was referring to a journal of the hand-written sort, but it was a bit of a lie because I have in fact been blogging (journaling) on myspace for a few years now. The journal was recently defunct because, well, I got lazy.

I didn't really think of it as a journal, but I guess it was/is and serves as a good record (albeit public) of that which I have done. So, given my notion that myspace is on the out and out and my pension for always doin' what mama says, I've decided to reinstate my blogging ways. Thus, theLAZE.

It's the perfect time to begin such things because February is just the worst of months (especially for those of us residing in the greys of chitown) and although my life continues to keep a hectic pace, I am procrastinator at heart and this at least leaves me with something to show for it.

So, hi. Here I am. Here is my blog.