Friday, February 15, 2008

It's been a busy morning and I'm feeling a bit behind in my regular daily routine. I managed to get a ride downtown with Linsey as I had a meeting to attend. It is a beautiful day here (finally) and as I left my meeting on the 24th floor I just took a few minutes to look out the window and gaze at the city. It really is a beautiful city and when it is sunny I can appreciate it all the more.

I'm feeling a bit proud of myself today because I created a Facebook page for my office at work. This may seem like an odd thing to do, but given the nature of our office and how we are communicating with students regularly it makes sense to come to them where they are. Within less than 24 hours of having the profile 100 students have chosen to be our Facebook friend and as a result with be communicated with more easily. I'm looking forward to exploring better how we can use this tool.

One student emailed me and said "How can I be sure you wont use incriminating evidence on my page against me?" Ummmm... DUH. Don't post pictures of yourself in compromising positions. If I can see it, so can your future employers. It will be interesting to interact with student in this manner though because it is crossing some bounds that I'm not sure we're ready for...

I'm glad for it being Friday, and payday, and sunny, and Friday. I am rehearsing tomorrow and hitting up a birthday party. Hopefully the sun lasts.

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