Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fair weather friend

The walk to the bus this morning was a dreaded mess. Inches of slush, sleet streaming from the heavens and being propelled by ridiculously strong winds. It was one of the first days since living in Chicago I found myself seriously asking why it is that I choose to live in such a climate? Cursing at the sky, I trudged through to Dunkin' Donuts only to have the lady who makes my coffee even before I get there now, ask me how I was doing. The best I could do was mutter that it is nasty outside. She understood as I imagine she had to make her way through at a much earlier hour than I, but so it goes! This is the time of year and we brave these few days like this because we know spring will come and we will have earned it.

I'm listening to St. Vincent. She is just sentimental enough to accommodate my slightly bitter self this morning.

In better news, two people sent me some fun pictures today. One group is from Peter and they are the only pictures that I have from the the group show opening at Estudiotres that I participated in last month. They are a small reflection of folks that came out, but none of my other friends decided to be documentarians, so these will suffice.

Peter and I being terribly unphotogenic.

Me acting like I know what I'm talking about.

Me, Bob, and Whitney.

Taryn, always photogenic in front of some fantastic photos.

Abby, (distracted) Aaron, Agatha, and me.

And in historical news, given the powers of connectivity due to such services as myspace and facebook, I was recently reconnected with a member of my past... and when I say past, I mean like WAY back. Say, kindergarten past. She has been kind enough to visually remind me what we looked like back in the day.

That is kind of awesome, eh? I think the best part is that it appears that she is trying to grab my hand but I don't seem to be that receptive. Ha!

I'm going to try to put the snow behind me and focus on a productive day and such.

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Linsey said...

I think I took pics at Estudiotres, but I haven't moved them from my camera yet. Procrastination...

I LOVE the pic from kindergarten. SOOOO cute.