Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It always surprises me when people know things that seem like common knowledge to them and I have no idea. For instance, my little wool h&m gloves that I bought in Philly with the onset of the winter cold have been adorning my hands for the majority of the winter. Monday my finger poked right through the end of one of my glove so I decided to switch it up and pull out some old "thinsulate" gloves that I think someone left at my house or something. They are big, black and bulky, and surprisingly enough keep my hands significantly less warm than the thin wool gloves I bought at h&m.

After rehearsal I had dinner with Bennett last night and while getting ready to go, I put on my big, bulky gloves and complained how they were not nearly as warm as my others... and he was like, "oh, because they are fat?" He just knew that fat gloves weren't as warm? I didn't know! I thought fat gloves would be warmer with all that extra fabric wrapped around my lil fingers.

This reminds me that I don't know much! ("but I know I love yooooouuuuu.")

I'm rockin' some sort of headache today, even though I feel generally good about the world. I'm jonesing to get out of the city, but it just isn't going to happen until after easter as I am committed to rehearsals and singing until then. It is funny because I find myself saying yes to pretty much everything that comes my way, which is great for my pocket book but it is keeping me a bit over committed and stressed when the end is not in sight for a while.

I guess I will just plan something for the spring. I need an exit strategy.

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