Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holes in teeth

I found my iPod. No worries. I never actually lose anything, I just regularly misplace everything and usually it is in the most logical place one could imagine but where I insightfully placed it and could not find it later on. The only exception is the time my wallet was nowhere to be found, but later discovered under the radiator in my bedroom where it had flung during a quick pants removal.

I had two terrible dreams last night.
I don't really like to listen when people recount dreams, so I will keep this short.
One involved me running after "my dog" in the snow barefoot. In the dream I owned a golden retriever and he was running away? I was chasing him with no shoes.
The second involved a phone call from my mother telling me they had sold the house. This actually brought my to tears which is really interesting and I think a part of me is expecting this dream to manifest itself in the not so distant future.
Maybe my memory foam is making me extra dreamy.

I have two more cavities being filled on Friday. I'm slowly chipping away (pun intended) at getting this dental work done. It all costs so much $ and time, but hopefully I wont be an old dude with no teeth.

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joe said...

i was serious about the grill.
don't rule it out.