Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few things.

Do you ever find yourself heading toward the bathroom and begin to undo your pants, which wouldn't be weird if you were at home, but actually you are in public and you shouldn't be unbuttoning your pants until you're in the bathroom?

Yea, me either.

Also, I'm not into "Hey how's it going?" as a greeting. Especially as a greeting that one gives in passing because it just bothers me that in saying it there isn't really time to care how I'm doing and I don't like that I need to return a "how are you?" to be polite when really we don't have time to talk about how we're really doing, so all in all I'd rather just say "Hey!" and keep walking.

I just ate three cookies from McDonalds, which weren't half bad although I can't imagine I needed three cookies. It is occurring to me more than ever that I have an addiction to sugar. I used to be a salty person when I was younger, but now I'm all about sweets. I blame my addiction to coffee because nothing offsets a good cup of joe, like a nice piece of cake or something of the sort.

I have a terrible headache today. I'm counting on it diminishing in the next hours so I can sing pretty tonight.

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