Thursday, February 7, 2008

So, you know that snow I've been complaining about? I wasn't joking.
Here is a look down my street.

It seems to never stop, and underneath it all is slush. Mary was supposed to make her way Chicagobound, but alas the storms caused a delay... so we shall see if today produces travel triumph or another case of cabin fever.

I'm currently sitting in front of a light lent to me by Christina. This light is supposed to enhance one's mood during the winter months as it uses full spectrum light bulbs and shines its blue glow upon my face, at least psychologically making me feel better. Actually, in all seriousness I do think it makes me more awake at least and it provides for a good conversation piece with those who enter my office at work.

I've got it in me to travel these days. Unfortunately I am committed to rehearsals for gigs and such up through easter so I can't imagine I can exit the city until the end of March but I've got the bug and I think need to make it happen. Especially during these winter months it benefits me to have an exit strategy, otherwise I just feel trapped. So, today I will begin my travelzoo search and see what good deals they have in store.

Last night I had a moment of wanting to quit school as quickly as I had begun it. I received my first paper back in my first class and the grade left something to be desired. It's been a long time since someone gave me a grade for anything and it felt down right crumby to not have received anything less than an A. Granted, I certainly did not deserve a grade that meant perfection, but my immediate reaction to receiving something less was "I don't need this." Which, I mean, I don't. I had the same feeling last Saturday when I wanted nothing more than to just be watching tv and not engaging in anything but I was stuck reading a case in an effort to write a paper for my class... and I thought about how this is all self-imposed. I'm doing fine without school but for some reason it is in me to take on more things.

Long story short, I sat through the beginning of my class and sulked to myself, but then decided that bad grades should serve as motivation to get better grades and I needed to give it all another go because I don't want to be that dude that dropped out of his first grad school class... even though I still just want to watch tv.

In an effort to reward myself for deciding to carry on, I hobbled through the snow over to Linsey's where we watched Project Runway, which included a strikingly silly challenge, but proved to be entertaining nonetheless.


Linsey said...

Ummm...Project Runway is educational. Please remember this.

jen. said...

you have some serious seasonal depressive disorder or something. through years of reading you, you always talk about how low you feel in this weather. buck up about school. last week i felt similar. i have a serious problem with not reading my assignments.