Monday, February 11, 2008

Dueling Blogs: Rebuttal

Ok, I'm not going to lie. I feel a bit daunted by this post because of the challenge that has been put into place by the infamous Ms. Mary, but I can handle it. I'm the original blogger. I know how to roll in these types of situations, so I will not *prove* myself, but rather continue to blog in a professional manner about the importance of absolute nothingness.

My weekend was surprisingly active, given the temperatures of this city of wind and my somewhat lacking motivation (see title: theLAZE) but good people and opportunities were available so I took advantage. Friday after work I headed home to make up a voice lesson that I hadn't taught on Thursday due to the funeral singing. (This makes me wonder if people would ever joke that I'm the funeral singer in the way they joke about me being the wedding singer?) After the lesson I ran off downtown to catch a wonderful unstaged opera at the CSO called "Ainadamar: Fountain of Tears". It was in Portuguese and had electronic music and although I had no idea what was going on, I very much enjoyed myself and appreciated the free tickets in the sweet seats due to my dearest Robin.

After saying goodbye to Dave and Robin I trudged along home through the rain (yes, rain) to find Mary upon her arrival from a day or so in Madison. I had hidden the key for her to enter my apartment until I returned and thus begins the episode of the dueling blog. See, Mary used to make fun of me for blogging. Plain and simple, but now she has managed to land in cyberblogland like no other and I for one appreciate it because then I don't have to talk to her as much... just kidding! I really enjoy what she has to write and I think it is a humorous point if we both excessively document. So, within the less than 24 hours we saw each other I made sure she understood the point of my mission.

I walked into my house with camera in hand and declared "Dueling Blogs! Dueling Blogs!"

Thus began the assault.

After scouring the city of Chicago for late night food which would deliver (which by the way is surprisingly difficult. I never order food to be delivered because I don't think it very economical, so I had no idea that every Asian restaurant in this city stops delivering after 10, but for some reason still answers their phone only to tell me they are closed?), we engaged our dear college friend Lydia in a three way phone conversation. This was apparently exactly what I needed because when speaking with Mary and Lydia, I am absolutely the funniest person on this planet. Ok, let's just say *I* think I'm funny and those ridiculous laughs were what I needed to cheer up a winter spirit.

The next morning we got our unnecessarily tired butts out of bed to return Mary's car to the rental place and then wait for her flight. Here is a visual representation of the events, with Mary balking the whole time but secretly looking forward to her moment to shine on theLAZE!

After sending Mary along on her Mary little way, I took the train back to the city and spent the rest of the afternoon doing my school work. Ugh. When the evening rolled around I headed off to a rehearsal and then downtown to a party where I up with peter and his crew. South Loop, 24th floor, overlooking Solder Field and the Field Museum.

Needless to say it was a sweet view and an entertaining party.

Sunday, more singing and running around town in the 6 degree temps.

I've run out of steam.
I want to say some things about the Grammy Awards and my memory foam, but those two things will wait.

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