Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The foam dreamz are made of.

Ok, so yesterday I got home from work to discover my recently ordered memory foam had arrived in all its glory. I've known about this foam for a while thanks to the foresight of Ms. Linsey, but I finally bit the bullet to purchase it and lay it upon my bed. Along with my mattress pad I received two sweet pillows which I felt hesitant about at first because I like to hug my pillow in my sleep, but these pillows know how to hug me if you know what I'm shaaayin'.

The foam comes all rolled up in a log of sorts, shrink wrapped into a much smaller state than one could imagine. My first instinct was to think they had sent along the wrong size, but after unwrapping and waiting a few hours for the air to rush through the foams pores, i realized the size was perfect... and so would be my sleep.

Yea, it's all that. When you first get on it, it is not necessarily soft, but it molds and shapes to you creating a little piece of bliss that in a seemingly easy way I would like to invite everyone over to check out. I awoke this morning to realize I had not moved an inch the entire night but had stayed still! I'm a tosser and turner and I was still, so this is progress.

I think with the blue light and the mattress pad, I shall rule the winter world!

Re: The Grammy's, I think I am over it already so I wont say much. I watched the whole thing which is not something I could say for previous years and I found a lot of it semi entertaining. I thought the fact that Herbie Hancock won for album of the year was at least humorous because how would Kanye walk away from that and pitch a fit? I also think though if Herbie Hancock's album is winning album of the year I clearly have no idea what is going on in popular music.

Also, my favorite moment was Amy Winehouse offering up her award for "my Blake incarcerated." I told some friends that it reminded me of when I was in high school and this girl who was nominated for homecoming queen had a baby. When announcing her as she entered the football field they said "In her spare time (name here) enjoys cheerleading, playing with her son, and hanging out with her friends." It was so wonderfully perfect.

I did appreciate the moves that Amy Winehouse's back up dancers had:

Ps. Jen's birthday was on February 9 and I never remember her birthday. I just don't. I haven't remembered it for like 10 years. So I will always be the horrible friend who posts embarrassing videos of her (AND ME!) and wishes belated birthday wishes. Happy Birhtday!

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