Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear February, I hate you.

This morning was killah. Walking to the bus in the negative degree wind chill constantly discovering new patches of black ice. It makes a bruthah want to go back to bed. This concludes my weather complaints for the morning.

My boss came in this morning and asked me if I was ok because I looked like something was wrong. "huh!?", I replied. "You look tired or something." "Umm, are you just telling me I look bad?" Ok I didn't actually respond like that but it is funny when someone tells you that you look tired, because I've seen tired and it doesn't look very good so even if I am tired and wouldn't mind the sympathy behind looking bad I don't really want to look "tired or something". This also could possibly be connected to the fact that I can currently barely move my neck. Why? Well, I'm an old man and on Friday whilst Christina was telling me one of the grosser and more ridiculous stories I've ever heard, I laughed so hard that I threw my neck out. I imagine this laugh included a high pitch squeal that I am simply not supposed to make and that I'm essentially serving time for sounding like a girl when I laugh. Who knows, but I'm stuck in a hunch right now and it kind of sucks.

As for the weekend, Friday I had a lovely dinner and some drinks where I heard the grossest and most ridiculous story I've ever heard. It was a relatively early night as I had to get up the next morning and run off to rehearsal. I was rehearsing with the consort for our gig at the hideout on Thursday, which if you live around Chicago you should definitely come. I'm excited about the show and I would be hard pressed to promote something I didn't believe in.

This is our fearless leader, James.

After a long morning of rehearsal, I headed home to attempt to start writing a paper for my class which somehow turned into me making a mix cd and skyping with Mary... both of which took longer than they should have. In evening I ran to a birthday party at this place called WeeGee's which I guess is the new hang on the west side. I've been there twice now, and both nights were hopping with good people and on Saturday I managed to run into three different unexpected groups of friends.

Anyway, they have a shuffleboard which I think is probably the highlight of the bar as the service left something to be desired. Which, by saying makes me realize I am getting older because there used to be some charm in going to "hip" places where the service was kind of bad as in the "I don't care" kind of attitude, but I don't have the patience for that anymore and I certainly don't want to throw money at it.

At this point in the evening it started to rain and freeze and turn into a weather nightmare so I headed home to go back to my new favorite memory foamed place, BED. Sunday I did the usual singing and some time at Target (<3). I once again told everyone I was going to write my paper and even sat in front of an open book and just ended up skyping more. Seriously, my procrastination is a killer! Regardless, the paper is due on Wednesday and I've convinced myself I have plenty of time to write it... I hope.

I seriously can't move my neck. I just sneezed and it was about all my stiff body could handle.

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