Thursday, February 14, 2008

I suppose today I am supposed to write on the matter of Valetine's Day given the fact that is February the 14th, but I don't quite know what to say?

Yesterday my friends asked me what I would be doing tonight and I hadn't even thought that I should be doing something! I was planning on watching Thursday night television. Then, I got home and found two Valentine's day cards in the mail from my sister and my sister-in-law. I imagine them standing at Wal-Mart staring at the Vday cards and thinking about how "lonely Davin must be on Valentine's day" so they would send me a card... which is nice, but...

So then I was going to wear some sort of red to be festive, but Tina said it is weird when people dress for the holidays, but I just thought it would be funny cause I don't think of myself as a holiday dresser, but then she said I was definitely a holiday dresser... which is maybe more depressing than the holidays themselves! So, I'm wearing black just like I would on a normal Thursday.

I'm thinking there has to be a place in this holiday for me, so maybe people will bring some special treats to work. I get to work, not a bit of sugar in sight!

Ok, so maybe a I will create a little internet Valentine for loved ones. I did a little google search for Vday images and this is the only one that struck me.

This seems about right. It is called "Valentine's Day Driving"
I love how the lady is pissed and the dude is like "wha!? I'm taking you to Morimoto, can you just love me?" Which somehow seemed not appropriate to send around, or maybe all too appropriate?

So then I thought that maybe I would compile a little mix of songs (similar to last year) that resonated on the theme of love... and I did come up with this Al Green song that I will share. I'm So Glad You're Mine But other than that, my iTunes seem to contain not much Vday inspiration.

But I guess in the end, for me, this is just Thursday and I am totally fine with that. Clad in black, listening to Al Green and ready for some TV. It is in fact a very happy Happy Valentines Day.

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