Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just keep hearing

I have a terrible pain in my neck.
This happens to me every once in a while and I simply cannot turn my head. I would prefer to just be at home right now and not turning my head toward the television, but I just have to soldier through.

You know the thing that the worries me most about this "financial crisis" currently taking place here in America is the ways in which I don't feel it now and wonder how I'll feel it in the future.

It's like gas, for instance, I don't feel it directly because I don't drive a car but I do feel it in that when I go to the grocery store now it often costs me $100 which is much more than it used to cost me.

I just keep hearing about it on the radio each morning and it hit me this morning that I may very well feel this quite severely in the future.

It's amazing how all of my friends are out of town right now.
Seriously, almost everyone.
I have keys to two different cars that are not mine and I thought that I should come up with something to go do or get or something... but I can think of nothing. I guess what one typically does when one has access to a car is go to suburbs (read: Ikea), but that's not in my area of need right now.

Time to eat fake chicken.

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