Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got down to the train station in plenty of time, so after picking up my tickets I thought I would run out to Starbucks to grab an iced soy latte and one of those egg salad sandwiches which they carry. I think they are not so bad.

I headed out the door of the train station looking for the nearest "bucks" thinking too myself that there is definitely one near by because they are on every corner (without exaggeration). I head two blocks north and of course find one. I walk in, order my latte and then spot no egg salad sandwiches, so I ask if they have one because I know from past experience that sometimes they keep them in the back.

"Do you have any of those egg salad sandwiches?" I ask.
She responds "No, we don't carry sandwiches, but they may have them at that Starbucks." and she points across the street.
I laughed and said to the girl, "We live absurd lives... and the worst part is I am too lazy to walk over there and get one."
Her response?

I spent entirety of my ride reading the new Interview magazine. I love the revamped mag. It is better than ever now.

I'm now here in Michigan, just a block from the lake. I managed to forget my phone charger, toothbrush, contact case and solution, not to mention my glasses. What was going on this morning that I left ALL of this stuff behind?

I've managed to find a flicker of wireless here in the upstairs bedroom, so maybe I'll just take this all as a sign that I am supposed to be disconnected for the next two days, which bad breath and dry eyes. Or maybe, just maybe, this is a poor excuse to go to Walmart.

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