Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where's the blizzard?

Yesterday everyone was buzzing about the "blizzard!" I even got a warning from my sister in Michigan telling me to make sure to have my long underwear ready. So, during class last night I waited anxiously for the buckets of snow and the excess of wind that was to overtake this city, hopefully causing school closures and generally shutting things down... but this morning, none of it really seemed to have happened. I'm here at work. The sun is shining, and although we have a bit more snow everything seems relatively peaceful, with only the warning that the blizzard might come tomorrow. Ha! I would challenge the blizzard to actually show its face, but I think it dangerous to tempt nature.

I did find a little adventure this weekend with a trip out in the midst of more snow on Friday for a hoity toity drink at the Violet Hour. It's amazing to me how a place like that can change so quickly. The crowd, the vibe, the overall experience. It's not what it was just a few months ago and I guess that is just the way things go, but Ryan and I enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Saturday I saw Revolutionary Road which I thought to be a terribly hopeless movie, but I say that with understanding that hope is not necessarily the point. I just wonder what is supposed to really attract me to a movie like that, other than some slightly overzealous acting. I was engaged throughout, so I can't complain from that end, but I'm not sure is was best actress worthy. I also saw Benjamin Button on Sunday, and found myself surprisingly emotionally engaged. I had not much interest in seeing it, but with the award buzz and all I thought it best to commit the three hours it was going to take to get through it. I honestly was a mess by the end of the movie and I can't tell you why exactly... I guess it just makes ya think about time etc?

This really is some lovely sun bouncing off the snow and coming in my window. I think maybe I should run out and stand in it as we're supposed to get 15 minutes on our skin a day.

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