Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, the presentation was a success... I think.
My thought is that the injection of Beyonce videos really added the necessary flava to bring my point home. Or at least the class was given a necessary break in the midst of my boring ness.

Honestly, I'm this whole class has me rethinking my recent plans to forego this degree and move on to the next thing... there is a why not factor in all of this that I'm really struggling with. I find the hardest thing about my twenties is that lack of clarity in decision making and I fear that it wont be until later that I can see some of these things clearly... and then the time will have past. This pressure is always weighing on me.

My latest mantra is to take full advantage of now in preparation for the future. This is why I'm trying to force myself to the gym and the dentist and the chiropractor and saving money and and and... now is the time to do these things and maybe now is the time to finish this masters degree? maybe not?

I have to tell you, I love our President. I love that every day I log onto the nytimes to find out he has made some other sweeping move. Or, sometimes things not so sweeping, but just so far from that which we've seen for the last eight years that I can't help but drop my jaw. Giving his first interview to Arab television seems such a simple idea that is such a positive move for our country and the best part is that I know there are people it makes nervous. I love that. It is bold and focused and continues to make me proud. Also these matters of car makers and emissions... I mean, gimme a break. These laws should have been past years ago and although some call this kicking the auto industry when it is down, I say it makes sense to rebuild in the best way they can.

I'm pretty excited because I just got some books in the mail that I had ordered quite some time ago. One is a book Mary has been excited about called "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink and then also got another Anne Lamott book which I'm sure will be a wonderful read. Anne and I go way back. I attribute her with my ability to think more critically on issues of faith. She is a terrific writer.

Ok! Off I go.

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