Friday, January 30, 2009

Many Wagons

...and Friday is upon us.

"Already?" I say!

Yesterday, the Governor of Illinois was impeached and the state expressed a collected "phew!" Actually, I imagine the whole country felt that maybe now the lego man would shut up. I mean, he's for real all sorts of redonk. This whole media blitz in the midst of his impeachment trial can only be over redonked by the fact that the mayor of Chicago moved the head of our public transportation system to the head of Chicago Public Schools. I can't quite piece it together in my head as it seems so nonsensical and counterintuitive that I just resign myself to hope that "all things work together for good."

Honestly, in light of my city/state seeming in dissaray I've been spending the week trying to get myself on some sort of track. Pardon me, if I repeat myself (sometimes I can't recall what I've blogged) but this week I've been making a strong attempt to abstain from certain things that aren't healthy in nature as to break the habits they have caused. The most notable may be sugar. I'm not eliminating sugar entirely from my diet, but this week I haven't had a single dessert, but only a few pieces of dark chocolate after lunch. People are giving me a hard time about it, but I have to tell you that I've just been feeling a lot lighter and better through out this week. I even have removed sugar from my coffee and replaced it with plain soy milk. I also have spent some consistent time doing hard workouts and just generally approaching my days from a more physically and mentally place of health. It feels good! If you know me, or follow this blog in any way shape or form, you know that I'm constantly on some sort of quest to get better at life in a lot different ways and some of my attempts are sillier than others... but I do feel that at the age of 27, I'm better at maintaining these sort of resolutions than I ever have been. This is not to say I will not fall off one of my many wagons, but I dunno... in general, I feel good about the way I'm doing things right now, holistically.

Today all is quiet in the office as many are off to a conference. I plan to get more work done today than usual, as I am most productive when not interrupted by others. So, I have Jeff Buckley playing and my list ready.

With regards to this weekend, I am going to try and buckle down with school work. I'm also itching to see The Wrestler before the Oscars. Then I will feel I've done a sufficient job of keeping up this year.


MC said...

"I mean, he's for real all sorts of redonk."

LFo said...

Mary, you typed the word right out from under me. Ha.