Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just finished reading this ridiculously long article by Emily Gould, former editor of
Fascinating stuff I say.

I find my generation's ability to talk about itself so interesting.

I mean, that is what this blog is. I just talk about myself publicly and that is sort of silly and unnecessary, but there is some sort of gratification in doing so.

I think what complicates it more is how blogging isn't honest. It's not a diary, it is a public log and it has no true merit as a life document, more of a "this just in" sort of deal. Whenever I begin to writing about things that are current I find myself questioning my authority and ability to say what I think, so I revert back to being the authority on myself.

But my approach to writing my blog is that I want it to be entertaining for me to be writing and also entertaining for whomever to read. So, that is the tone I will continue to take.

I feel antsy today. I'm not doing a great job of accomplishing things this week and I think it has to do with the impending three day weekend as well as my late start to the week. Rather than feeling rushed to get things done, I just feel like it is too late to get things done so I will piddle away the week.

Memorial Day always takes me by surprise. It doesn't feel like a real holiday to me. As if it wants to be the fourth of July, but hasn't got the heat to keep up.

I have good plans for the weekend though, and I hear the weather will be sweet.

(note: "Sweet" is a new adjective for me. Never used to use it, but now I can't stop. It's kind of 90's, no?)

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