Friday, May 23, 2008

Three day weekend.

It is Friday before a three day weekend and I feel simultaneously tired and excited. So much time to do life things!
What will I do?
The oppotunity!

I had a lovely little lunch with Tina at Mitchell's.
I ate a veggie breakfast sandwich and she had grilled cheese and soup.
Our waitress looked like she was still in the running toward becoming America's next top model.

My fellow Oberliners are all headed back to our alma mater for a little reunion this weekend and I have decided not to return. Not this time around.
I feel a little weird about that because I don't like the thought of such dear friends having fun and me choosing not to participate, but I just didn't feel quite ready for that place.
Five years is a while and a lot has changed, but maybe not enough for me to return to that environment. I need a bit more space and the travel timing didn't quite work out anyway.
So, give me another five years and I'm sure to be there.

For now, I can't wait to hear the stories of relived debauchery.

Happy Memorial Day dear friends.

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Miss you.