Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stevie Wonder's Greatest Hits

This video absolutely blew my mind.

You can fast forward through the talking and get to the dancing.

All I can say is "can I get my moves back?"

So, yesterday evening was perhaps one of the more stressful and ridiculous evenings I have had in a while and I can simply blame it on my bathtub. After work I had to skedaddle (yes, I said skedaddle) down to pick up my scanned negatives from Joe and given the insane wind of the day this was a second workout for me. I was at almost a complete standstill for most of the ride, but I just stood up and pushed through. On my way back the other direction (still against the wind, mind you) I stopped to pick up some Drano because magically that morning my bathtub had not drained and I found that especially odd because it wasn't a progressive problem, it was an all of the sudden problem. I was fairly certain I hadn't clogged it by dropping anything in it, and I'm generally not a hirsute, so it seemed quite weird that it would just suddenly not drain. But I figured this was nothing a plunger and some Drano couldn't help me out with.

Now mind you, this was around 6pm and I had to be at dinner at 8pm and on top of this my dear friends Jen and Alex were coming to crash at my house. I got home and the water still hadn't drained (gross!) and so I poured my Drano Gel Max in and sat and waited for it to work... but after a good 15-20min I saw no movement, so I made the mistake of calling my landlady. Actually, I can't call this a complete mistake because she solved the problem in the end, but when most people would come, take a look, and call a plumber, (comma happy!) said landlady was on her hands and knees in my bathroom with rubber gloves trying to solve the problem. She spent a good long while scolding me for using Drano because it eats the enamel on tubs (ummmm, this tub is old, that enamel is done gone) and she wondered why I didn't call her right away. Well, I didn't want her in my bathroom on her hands and knees trying to fix this problem, but there she was and it was too late to stop her. For the next hour and a half she worked on it. Taking it all apart, bailing out my tub, and convincing me to boil four pots of water as she claimed boiling water would be the only thing to fix it. She also scolded me for trying to plunge the tub as she said plungers don't work on tubs... but LONG story short, with about 10 pots of boiling water and her plunging my tub forcefully, we got movement.

I cheered.

She left.

Jen and Alex came.

I made it to dinner only a half an hour late.

I didn't have to shower with my feet in non drained water this morning. All is well on the home front.

I'm all about Stevie Wonder's greatest hits today. I'm gonna rock it all day long, except I just skipped the "happy birthday" song because that just doesn't seem appropriate.

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