Monday, May 5, 2008

Big Ambitions

Every time I go to and return from Michigan I have big ambitions. It doesn't matter how short my time was there, something just happens when I remove myself from my current life and return to my childhood life, I am reminded of all the thing I have done and all of the things I want(ed) to do. Currently this includes a few things in particular:

Make Art
I think this summer I will take somewhat of a creative vacation. Spend some time in Michigan (cheap) and just make music and take pictures etc. I think I need to do this periodically and

Get it shape.
Yea, yea, I know this is typical blog fodder and how many times have I said this before? BUT I really want to get in shape. I don't think I need to lose weight, but I need to not always be a tall mess of underdeveloped blubber. I am actually currently inspired by my dear college friend, Lydia who is undergoing a total transformation in an effort to become a real roller girl (not the Heather Graham type.) You can read all about it here.

Eat better.
This I am actually starting on today. Yesterday I made my way down the street (with my canvas grocery bags - see next goal) to get some produce and some Tupperware (also see next goal). This week in particular is very busy for me and it is difficult to bring both lunch and dinner with me everywhere I go, but I am going to try and do it in an effort to be more fiscally responsible as well as just generally healthier.

Finally, I really need to quit being so wasteful.
This morning I brought my coffee to work in a thermos, which I intend to do daily. As much as I love my Dunkin' Donuts coffee on the way to work I have two problems. One is the foam cup it comes in and two is the fact that I can't exactly carry it while riding my bike. So, the answer is this little thermos I've purchased and making my coffee at home. Also, I want to start actually using my own bags for groceries etc. I have attempted to do this in the past but I never stick with it. If you see me walking down the street with a plastic bag, please heckle me. I will add some more elements to this in future days, but I won't bore you now.

The weekend flew by as I tried to cram so much in, but it was all good. Friday after work I headed downtown to catch my train to Michigan, which left and arrived on time (applause). The remainder of Friday and Saturday were good family times. I took my parents for a walk in the woods and my father reminded me of where a natural pond exists that I always seem to forget about.

Oh! The gluten free cupcakes were a hit. My mother said she had not eaten a cupcake in two years and couldn't help but eat one for breakfast on Saturday morning.


After our time outside, my mother and I did some thrift store shopping. Which, by the way, thrift stores in Otsego, MI rock. They are so far superior to thrift stores in Chicago because (dare I sound like a snob) people in Otsego don't know what they're looking for... or wouldn't be looking for the same things that I would be... but I came across some sweet finds.

Saturday evening we headed to my sister's new home, which made my quite proud. I see that they have worked so hard and put so much effort into building this house that they have earned the old fashioned way.

Then back to Chicago for a late night (MUCH DELAYED) train ride.

Sunday was a lovely sunny day of good food and good people. Have you been to Eleven City Diner in the South Loop? It was really yummy.

Ok! this is too long. I have to work.

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LFo said...

Your mom looks great! The no-gluten thing really is working for her! (And the hand-holding pic is priceless.)