Friday, May 16, 2008

Sigh of relief.

I completed the recording session last night and finished the season with the William Ferris Chorale. It was actually a nice end to a full and productive year. I am so glad this week is over though because if it would have lasted much longer I would have had a bit of a breakdown.

I honestly think the only reason I got through it is because I have been eating really well and working out everyday... and can I just say that within two weeks of doing this I am actually feeling quite different? I don't know why this bandwagon is so hard to get on, because once you do, it is quite a nice ride. Don't get me wrong, I still loathe the gym, but overall it feels really good to know that I have done something for my body and it makes me more conscious of what I'm eating because I don't want to negate the work that I have put in.

Last night at 10:30pm I took a pair of clippers to my head.
I just needed a trim on the sides and given my recent misadventure with the Barber I decided to take things into my own hands (as I all too often do). The cut is actually quite good, but I did have a moment of realization in the midst of it all.

I am really going grey. There are a bunch of white hairs poking through on the sides of my head. More than I actually knew about, and although I realize this point is lost on a number of my friends who are reading this and also have grey hair, it made me stop for a minute and think "whoa".

It is not even about the grey, I think it is this idea that my body is changing and will not being going back to the way it was. This was also inspired by my search for Tina's birthday pictures and realizing how different I look just within the past few years. My hair in particular is much different than it was and I have also been thinking about this having broken my elbow and trying to get it back to working order. It will never be the same. It will always be slow... and I might get arthritis in it and I am only 26 but these grey hairs poking out the sides of my head freak me out a bit. Age is happening and I have no choice but to be ok with it.

In fact, if you pressed me on the issue I am somewhat excited to be grey. I think it is distinguished, especially if it is just the sides of my head. That seems chic, but it will take some getting used to, and the transition seems awkward.

Lookout Anderson Cooper. There is a new Silver Fox in town.

In other news, we have a fancy Mac in our office now and I find photo booth all too irresistible.

Check out that haircut!
Oh and those filing cabinets. Now, that is chic.


LFo said...

tres chic. oui.

fancy said...

at least you don't wet your pants when you laugh or sneeze. i mean, uh, i don't do that. at least not yet. ha. but your file cabinets are pretty fancy, as is your new haircut.