Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer class or no?

I'm trying to decide whether to do course work this summer or not. A part of me wants to have a break from being busy and a part the other part of me doesn't want to be a student for 10 years.

I mean, summer breaks are a thing of the past anyway, so I think I should just bite the bullet and take something.

I had a late rehearsal last night and then a bike ride home.

I slept terribly because I have back pain like nobody's business.
I'm going take a break from the chiro. I don't think it is helping. I just want the massage.

I also plan to start every sentence in my blog with "I".

I will only write about me me me me.


I also went to the gym last night and I have done very well at not eating out and bringing my foods to work in tupperware.

This is it for today.

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