Tuesday, May 6, 2008

$39.99 a pound

Does anyone else find this picture problematic?

Actually, not the picture but the subject matter. I mean, this horse freaking died immediately after the race? Gimme a break. And all the money was still won?

Also, (on a completely different pictorial note) have you all ever seen these types of mushroom before?

They are Morels I believe? When I was home, my cousin came over with her husband to walk through the woods and find these. I remember eating them as a kid, but when I saw them on Saturday they looked so alien. Like little pieces of rubber that I couldn't imagine ingesting. She told me that they sell them for $39.99 a pound at the farmer's market, which seems like a ton-o-$ but when you consider the time it takes to find each mushroom it makes sense.

Tonight begins the next two weeks when I have not a single night free until I return from NY on the 19th. Then life will be easy, breezy and beautiful. I have a William Ferris Chorale concert this friday and then next week we will be recording a CD which will take up most evenings (plus class) until the following week.

That's all for today.
Dead horses.
Morel Mushrooms (My mother says Mushroons. It drives me nuts.)
Busy weeks ahead!

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