Friday, May 2, 2008

Stiff upper lip

I don't think that Amy Winehouse picture makes everyone else laugh as much as it makes me?

To be perfectly honest, I feel terrifically surly today. I think it is a combination of the grey Friday morning and the on again off again TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR that I had to walk through and the fact that my back simply does not want to sit at a desk all day long. This is not me saying this, it is my muscles. The chiropractor helps, but this office job does not.

Stiff upper lip. Stout fella! Carry on 'ole chum.

I feel off my game. Things aren't going wrong, I just don't feel like I have the time to stay ahead. I headed home last night to make dinner and get a few things done before I met a couple of friends whom I had not seen for a while for drinks. What actually happened was that I made a pathetic dinner and didn't accomplish much of anything before it was time to go. I realized I hadn't even been home before 10pm one evening this week. This is my own doing, but I need to set more home time aside. There is so much to do and so little time I say.

Anyway, seriously, I'm annoying today.

I am headed to Michigan this evening to spend a day with the parents. I with I were able to spend more than one night and day, but it is all I could drum up right now so it will be good to get some down time on Amtrak and then just catch up with family. My sister has moved into her new home and I am looking forward to seeing how it has come along. I also was hoping to take some photos in the woods with the newly bloomed trees, but I wonder if the rain might inhibit that plan. I also found some gluten free cupcakes at a the fancy cupcake shop down the street from work, so I am excited to take those along to my gluten allergic mother.

Speaking of blooming trees, isn't it incredible how quickly spring is upon us? I mean, I know I've been calling her name for months now, but it is amazing how the air gets warm and then the flowers bloom. Bam! and then just as quickly they are gone. It is magic I tell you, and I can't believe it happens every year... but thank God it does.


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LFo said...

gluten-free cupcakes for mom

this is a cute (and surly) post.