Monday, May 12, 2008

Northeasterly winds.

I have a question.

If the radio personality tells me that there will be northeasterly winds, does that mean the winds will be blowing in that direction or coming from that direction?

The reason I ask is because I felt quite relieved this morning when Ms. NPR told me there would be northeasterly winds, which quite suits my bicycle ride to work, but I found myself riding up against what felt like a wall. It really is the most work, when trying to make my way to work in the morning and the wind is competing with me. I find myself sighing and cursing loudly until I finally make my way there, but this morning I just felt upset with Ms. NPR. Northeasterly? What does that even mean? This wind was against me.

This weekend feels like a whir that I don't quite remember.

You know, I have to say (and this is not me complaining, but rather illuminating a fact) that being a musician is sometimes difficult and kind of lonely. I often find myself in odd places singing for or with people I don't necessarily relate to or have want to relate to for that matter. It's just odd overall because so much time is spent in transit or rehearsal, and when you are doing either of those things you are not really communicating with anyone, but rather, participating in a process. I do enjoy the process, but sometimes it wears on me because the financial results aren't really that advantageous.

This weekend for example I made my way to the northern burbs for a gig that involved two confirmation services at a gigantic catholic church. I just wonder how many other people, like me, are spending their Saturdays making their way to the northern burbs for wealthy catholics? It's odd when I put it in context. But, I don't like to say no to these opportunities because you don't ever know where they might lead.

The rest of this week I will be making a recording (each night until 10pm) with the William Ferris Chorale. This is a taxing process.

On a personal note, (wait, this is all personal) I feel proud of myself for a couple of things. I was rather consistent about gyming it last week (and I will do the same today) as well as bringing my food with me in my little tupperwares. Last night on my way home from rehearsal I brought along my little grocery bags and stopped at whole foods (whole paycheck) to pick up some produce for the week. I shopped exclusively organic and I think I came away some good things. I even spent some time before I went to bed marinating some tofu in peanut sauce so that I can grill it for lunch. These are the types of things that are making me feel productive in the midst of a busier than busy schedule.

I want to write tomorrow about belief in the ability to be an artist.
Remind me, please.

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