Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Thanks.

Well, no thanks to any of you I found out that if the winds are northeasterly it means they are coming from that direction, making my bike ride to work hellish. I'll keep that in mind for my future cycling.

I'm terribly busy, friends. Really busier than a guy should be.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have all been nonstop until the wee hours.
Recording with a choir is terribly difficult undertaking as there is so much possibility of error. Voices are undependable at best and putting a group of them on creaky risers for three hours at a time whilst hoping for a perfection... it is just tiresome. But! As I've said before, I's works hard for the money and I's like to make the art for the money.

I will write on the topic mentioned in previous blog, but I thought today would be a good day to do a little tribute to a friend who is celebrating a birthday today. I wont tell you the age she is celebrating because she wouldn't want that, although I've been known to do many things she didn't want before, but today I will be kind.

Christina Marie Fox ... or TINA as I call her.

She's a pretty sweet friend. She'll do things like dress up like the Orbit Gum girl for Halloween.

She's also been known to get sweaty and dance with me at weddings. Yes, multiple weddings.

She tries out beds in NYC with me.

She's walked the lonesome roads of Oklahoma with me.

She also falls asleep in fun places... like bars.

Most importantly, she takes my picture once in a while and I can't say no to a friend like that.

and again...

She even makes me put on face masks sometimes.

Although, maybe she should do something about her teeth.

Just kidding!

But, I mean most of all, she makes me laugh a lot.

I am thankful she is around for the next year.

It'll be a good one.

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