Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Invisible Beast

It's as though God knew we'd be back at work today and just to rub salt into our wounds, he has made it a grey, windy, cold day.

Joe just asked me if I had taken a bicycle to work today and I confirmed telling him that I came to the conclusion that I would rather be riding up hills as then I would know what I am up against, but with the wind (which is especially cold and strong today), it is an invisible beast that taunts me.

My coworker told of setting her full cup of Starbucks on top of her car this morning only to have it taken away by the tempest. Ha! It's true.

Memorial Day weekend was all I had hoped for. We really did have wonderful weather and I managed to work in a healthy amount of leisure and productivity. This all culminated with the ultimate Chicago "summer" activity of cooking out, sitting on the stoop, engaging those who pass by. It really was a lovely afternoon that lasted into the early night.

I am working on many things today.
I have projects closing in.
I am keeping my eye out for the UPS man who will bring me this:

because I am obsessed with video lately. I know I am bit late on the trend, but it occupies my thoughts quite often and Franc said that Ira Glass said that this was the camera to have, so, I bought it.

It is 11:09am. Let Monday begin. *sigh*

(ps. I know it's not really Monday.)

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