Monday, March 31, 2008

It's our first Cat Show.

Currently I am in bed trying to fight off a cold that came upon me in full force today. On Saturday I began to feel a bit of oddness in my throat, then yesterday I lost my voice and today I just feel pretty crappy, so I after an attempt at work, I decided to just head back home and do my best at getting better. In case you forget, being sick sucks.

But have no fear! I currently am sipping some jasmine tea that "blossoms" in the mug, given to me by my friend Charlie...

...out of my "Hell Yes" mug, given to me by Linsey which is modeled after the piece of art on the side of the New Museum in the Bowery.

And! I have stories from my weekend, pre sore throat.

Friday night I thought I was originally supposed to go the Mutiny down the street to see some friends perform with their band, but typical Davin style, I had the dates messed up and the band was to perform on Thursday. So! Christina went about searching the reader for things to do... and what did she come across? Well, of course, a "Cat Show" at the Rosemont Convention Center. This was something to be seen, especially since I had recently watched a documentary on people who show Ferrets and found myself particularly fascinated by animal showing... so ordinary house cats? I'm in!

It was everything you would imagine. Lots of cat shirts and cages covered with glittery fabric.
We were certainly the outsiders with not much knowledge about the events but we asked questions and fawned over people's fancy felines... we managed to come away with a bit of insight. The breed being shown that evening was the Ragdoll breed, so we actually only saw one type of cat... but actually that was pleanty. :)

Here are a few pics.

Patriotic Ragdolls!

Glamour Ragdoll!

Groom your Ragdoll! (ps, this lady was our favorite because she told us she didn't play the political cat showing game. oh snap.)

Caged Ragdolls!

Fake Ragdoll!?

A Ragdoll tribute!

Judge a Ragdoll.

Tell a story and judge a Ragdoll!

Judge a Ragdoll in Kimono!

Take notes on a Ragdoll!

Buy a Ragdoll a Tree!

and finally...

Get yourself a "Meow" tshirt that sparkles!

After all this excitement we had worked up quite the appetite. Jessica had suggested we go to Butterfly Sushi Bar and Thai, so we did and it was a delight.

My fortune cookie read like this:

"You will get it all done."
So, that was nice to know. Sometimes I worry about getting things done.

After sushi/thai we headed off to a party at the Mars Gallery for a bit and then I ended the night meeting up with some other friends and dancing until the wee hours. I think this may be the cause of my sore throat, but I'm pretending otherwise and justifying staying out too late.

Saturday I spent some time laying low and catching up around the house, with my regular trip to Target. I had a gig on Saturday evening, so I made my way over to Lakeview to sing in the dark as it was earth hour.

Sunday was more of the same as the sickness started to set in.

Now it is Monday and raining and I'm sick and I think I will try and do some napping as this blog post took me way too long.


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MC said...

I am still deliriously happy about you going to the cat show. The pictures almost sent me over the edge. I just kept hearing Jessica saying, "It's our first cat show" in my head.