Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The blogs keepah postin'

Ok, sorry for being MIA for a coupla days. I received to sweet little instant messages from friends asking me if I was alright, which is sort of funny if you think about it, but also very kind and nice to know it matters when your internet presence is missing?

There's no real story other than that I took two days to pull myself together.
It was nice and now my floors are mopped and my furniture sits differently within my apartment.

I set up a little desk area in the corner of my dining room because I realized I needed a work space. This is difficult because I have this good sized apartment, but in some ways it is so open that there aren't many walls to set things against, so I had to rethink my space. I believe I have come up with a solution which was much necessary as now my role of student requires me actually accomplishing things at home. I found myself either in bed (the most perfectly unproductive place to be) or on the couch in front of the tv and this just wasn't working out for me. So, now I have a space with a lamp and an uncomfortable chair to sit for a bit and get things done... and just like that I have completed my huge project for school today. Its quality, I'm not sure of, but I felt much better about the act of working on it.

The weekend was a whirrrr.

Friday night I stayed in and worked as I had gone out on Thursday and had to be up quite early on Saturday morning to take pictures of a couple of friends. After finishing the photos I took off up to Andersonville to visit the closing of the group show I was/am in. Unfortunately, no on really came so we just kind of hung out and watched videos on youtube. Eventually, Tina made her way by and we decided to go to borders where she could read magazines and I could continue to work on school work. After a while Jessica joined us and we managed to make our way up to Tank noodle for some Vietnamese dining. Sunday was quit non-stop as I did my usual Sunday morning singing and then killed a couple hours taking photos around River North. I then hiked my way up to Andersonville where I had another rehearsal, which was followed by the trek back downtown where I met with my group from class until the late hours of the evening. Too much, I tell ya. Sunday is a day of rest, is it not?

In politics, I must say I feel slightly surprised about the results in Texas and Ohio, but I feel confident that the right democratic candidate will prevail. I love this quote they keep playing on the news where Hillary is on The Daily Show and John Stewart points out that it is the eve before one of the most important days of her life (save child birth and marriage) and she has decided to spend it with him. Her response? "It is pretty pathetic isn't it." Thanks for that Hill.

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