Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been so long.

Sorry I have been missing for the last couple of days. My only excuse is sheer laziness because things have been quiet at work and in life... a welcomed switch.

My good news for you is this.

I have muzik!

Here is my muxtape (

If you haven't made one yet, I would encourage you to do so. It is very simple and it streams right from the webpage so you can share it with you friends and they don't have to download anything. I actually spent most of my day yesterday compiling some songs I have been listening to lately, so this should be some sort of reflection of that.

On a completely different note (pun intended), I'm considering a chiropractor. I used to go to the chiropractor when I was much younger and I know people have all sorts of ideas about whether or not chiropractors serve a real purpose, but even with my beloved memory foam and such I am still have upper back and neck issues. I pretty much think this would be solved if I actually worked out and moved around in a way other than sitting at my desk, but given the fact that I live in excess and I'm lazy I think I will start with a back cracker to see if I can get things sorted out. Unfortunately, I called my insurance yesterday to get their take on the situation and in an effort to explain to me the potential charges, the kind Blue Cross Blue Shield lady totally confused me. It seems that there are many ways in which the chiropractor could charge me for things that insurance wouldn't cover, but basically I wouldn't know this until after they did it? All in all I think this conversation added more stress and tension to my shoulders and back.

I have the opportunity to do some fun things in the next coupla weeks.
I will see Cat Power and John Legend next week.
I will go dancing tonight.
I will sleep in on Saturday morning.

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Milan said...

bad news. you aren't sleeping in on saturday. we're going underwear shopping.