Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today, oh today.

Today is crazy.
I imagine I wont talk to you throughout the day if you're my friend because I don't really have the time. I have a huge project at work and a paper to write for class tonight and a million other personal tasks to complete.

The short of it all is:

I hauled up the huge air conditioner that Linsey gave me last night because my landlady insisted it be removed from the basement. I had to take the smaller one out of the closet and so now that sits in the middle of my dining room floor. I need to sell it on craigslist, I suppose?
I have to go Michigan sometime soon to get a driver's license. Don't ask me why.
Oh, well one of the reasons why is that I am going out east in April and I have to rent a car and I need a driver's license. Don't ask me why I have to go to Michigan to get it.
I had lovely dinner and drinks with Jeff B last night at small bar. I don't see him nearly enough.
I also spoke with Tim B on the phone and it was good to catch up. He always tells me to call, but I hate talking on the phone these days so I put it off but it is always good to check in.

Now I'm printing thousands of pages.

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