Friday, March 7, 2008

A couple ideas I've had

I was telling friends recently that I was in Borders and this guy came up the escalator when all of the sudden I heard Madonna's "Hung Up" playing loudly. I realized it was his phone ringer and I thought to myself... "aren't you embarrassed by the that?" I think this might be an idea for a tv show... or at least an ongoing list of moments when around others and you think "aren't you embarrassed by the that?"

I've also been wondering what are some things that people do that they didn't used to do.

For me, two examples are:

Eat Mustard.
I never used to like mustard and now I can't get enough. I like it in all forms too, the cheap yellow mustard to the hifalutin burn your nose off kind.

Use exclamation points!
I used to think that exclamation points were silly and not necessary, but now I think they are cute and ironic, although I imagine those who read my words dripped in exclamation think they are annoying.


Some thoughts out my head.

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jen. said...

foods i now do: green beans, grape tomatoes, indian food up the wazoo, and pizza with everything.
things i now do: let cleaning go too long, never buy anything full price, wear black socks, pluck stray hairs, eat balanced meals, procrastinate.