Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In the woods or by the sea


It is Wednesday and I find myself wishing it was Sunday afternoon because then my obligations for the week would be complete. Actually, many of my obligations for the Spring will be complete after this weekend.

I had a wonderful little Thai dinner with David Jacob last night at my neighboring work haunt called Noodles in the Pot. He told me it was the first place he ever had Thai food which I interpreted as meaning that he was having Thai food for the first time last night... which seemed astounding, but I realized when he first moved to Chicago a number of years ago. This got me thinking about when *I* first had Thai food and I think it was at Oberlin at the oddly wonderful sort of Thai fusion restaurant we had there. Of course, only Oberlin with its small town status in Ohio would be able to expose me to Thai food. It is funny to think back about the things I didn't know when I entered that place. I also had my first falafel there and thank God for that as I would probably be starved and crying somewhere now if I didn't know about the splendid treat that is falafel.

Anyway, we caught up after not seeing each other for a number of months and I was thinking how the mere notion of Spring makes people want to reconnect and start moving again. I feel this way at least.

Yesterday I received in the mail my Frommer's Guide to New England, as I will be traveling that direction in a few weeks. I got more and more excited as I thumbed through the pages and imagined driving through green mountains and actually having a view of the ocean. Chicago is the epitome of flat and to spend of some time in hills will do this Michigan boy some good. I think I feel most confused about whether to spend more time in the woods or by the sea and I know both will be beautiful.

Tonight I have my final exam for my class and I have spent such little time studying that I feel rather sheepish about even taking it. I intended to "hit the books" last night after dinner but my apartment was such a mess and the remainder of my week will not allow me to clean it before my parents come that I had no choice but to fold laundry and such last night until I collapsed into bed. Oh well, I will pray that the knowledge I gained through osmosis will somehow rise to the surface during the exam.

You should see my hyacinth now.


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