Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Basket?


LFo said...

That is the cutest thing ever. My mom does the same thing.

Doris Rocks.

I love that the bag still has the plastic hanger-thing on it. My mom does that too.

Hahaha...Easter is funny.

Thank you Easter Bunny (and David).

jen. said...

my sister has resorted to ONLY buying those musical cards now. my first one played "ring of fire" for my birthday and i was in olive garden when i opened it and it was embarrassingly loud. the worst part is that it was joint birthday dinner with my momma and she also got one. so when we opened our cards at the same time, the restaurant hated us.

fancy said...

i love this blog. two questions: 1) was there really candy corn in your easter basket? that seems like more of a hallowee/harvest candy to me.
2) i'll eat your bunny if you don't want it. seriously. i didn't get jack squat. oh, that's not true. i got a lovely vegan wallet. but i want a chocolate bunny.