Monday, March 17, 2008

Not the yuppie.

Everyone was drunk this weekend. Everywhere I went.
I left for the train at 11:30am on Saturday morning and all of my fellow train riders were drunk and then I remembered it is St. Patrick's day weekend and that is what white people in the city do on St. Patrick's day weekend is get drunk.

It makes a fellow kind of want to just stay in and pretend he's not a yuppie.

So in an act of sheer badassity my Friday evening was filled with a dreaded trip to the gym and then a rousing round of grocery shopping. I actually quite enjoyed the latter (not so much the former) as I was tired and I got paid and I haven't had food in my house in months... so it was the right thing to do. I spent $100 trying to fill up my kitchen again. I also managed to pick up a smelly spring flower that I thought was going to be $6.99 but I think the girl at the register messed it up and only charged me $.99. She went on and on about how I got a good deal and I was just thinking how she is the reason I got a good deal and she doesn't even know it.
Oh well!

It is a Hyacinth and I feel amazed at how quickly it has bloomed.
Day 1:

Day 2:

It smellz good, too.

You might not actually know this about me but I am very good with plants. I don't know exactly why but my plants never die on me. I have given them plenty of opportunity to do so... trust me... they should be dead, but they live and live and live. I attribute part of this to my ability to ignore them for the appropriate amount of time. I also think that part of it is that I do a good job of buying plants that are hardy. I actually purchased some plants recently for our office here at work and these plants definitely should not be alive given their living conditions, but wouldn't you know, they are prospering under the fluorescent lights.

*breathes on finger nails*

The remainder of the weekend was full of more random events that I can't even really recount. I just know that I ended up very tired on my couch yesterday evening watching art videos by Bernard Willhelm that I got as a supplement to a magazine I purchased.

I have quite the week ahead of me.
A final exam, a trip to Michigan, and four performances of sorts.

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