Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yesterday I scurried off from work a little early to make a visit to my dreaded dentist, only to discover I have a new dentist! This was great news because although my old dentist seemed like a nice enough fellow, he royally messed up my teeth in the past and the last time we met he had braces, which on 50 something man is kinda strange in my book? But this Dr. seemed with it and like he cared about my pain... so if I can get sympathy? I'm in!

No, he spent some time with me only to tell me that everything looked fine and I might just have a bit of time where I'll be healing? I dunno, but I went home and ate thin crust pizza only to have to take ibuprofen for the pain that occurred from munching on the crust.

I left the dentist a little after five and rode the bus home in the sunlight which is a nice change of pace that one can attribute to the time change. It really changes my outlook on life when I am not spending all time outside of work in the dark. After a quick stop at Target I ventured home to spend the rest of the evening dealing with taxes, and my website. It was a good "me" night and I feel like I was able to be productive and get good things done.

In crazy land lady news, she called me yesterday to tell me that the "guy upstairs" (which let me preface this by saying that his name is Victor and he has lived above me for three years and we knows each other so for her to say the "guy upstairs" is step one in weirdness) saw a mouse. SO! she starts questioning me about what "shape my apartment is in" which I guess implies that I might be dirty? but continues to tell me how she has to start in the basement and so I needed to move everything which basically constitutes me moving one air conditioner and my bicycle? The basement is huge, so I hardly see how moving my air conditioner and bicycle will help the mouse hunt? So, I get home and Victor comes down to tell me how he saw a mouse and he stayed up all night with a hockey stick in his hand in case the mouse came out again (I guess a mouse is a big deal for him). He told me that he called the landlady and said the apartment would be emptied unless she took care of this problem immediately. He also told me that she said she'd have "her people" take care of it (she ALWAYS has her people "take care" of things) but she needed to talk to me first so he wanted to give me a heads up that she might accuse me or something.

Too late!

She crazy!

But, my rent is cheap!


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LFo said...

I never really understand when people are afraid of mice. They're so little, and furry.

What would he have done with the hockey stick?