Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where is this week?

This has been a slow blogging week, but for good reason. My time has been occupied with other points of interest.

In short, on Wednesday I gave my first presentation since entering studenthood and I think it went well? When our group sat down people clapped and said "good job" and I know that is the polite thing to do, but it seemed legitimate so I will take it at that. It is amazing how silly nervous I was. Knees shakin', and the works.

Thursday was a busy day at work, with a goodbye lunch for a no-longer-current employee and then a hectic afternoon of trying to get work done. Afterwards I headed to Borders to kill and hour or so before my rehearsal. I'm kind of obsessed with doing this. The problem is that there are only a certain number of periodicals that come out each month so once I get a few weeks in there are no more magazines of interest to read.

I also have made a habit of eating Jamba Juice and a "protein pretzel stick" for a meal... which frankly sounds disgusting when written in blog form, but I think it is the perfect meal. A big
ole bucket of fruit and a stick of protein that tastes like pizza? Count me in.

I feel like I may be running out of things of interest to say.

Do you all know about the Astronomy picture of the day?
I have been interested by it lately.
We are so small.

Take that into your weekend.

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